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  1. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone has heard of and recommends the brand "Kinugawa" to upgrade the stock turbo core?
  2. Please keep us posted on that. I would like to get a brand new spare vac advance for the future.
  3. Hello everyone. I got back from a long international trip. Just wanted to confirm the vacuum advance did indeed fix my hiccup under boost problem. Thank you all for the help!
  4. Going on vacation for awhile but I will try gapping them down to .032 when I get back. Plus I'll look for vacuum leaks again.
  5. I put brand new NGK plugs and wires and still the same thing. They look okay when I take them out. I can't really get on it until I figure out that hiccup problem though. So I'm thinking of starting with the vacuum advance.
  6. Hello obsolete, I am using NGK plugs and they are gapped to .44
  7. Hello everyone! So I recently completed a swap from a 1988 Chrysler Conquest my family had sitting for awhile into my 1986 Dodge Power Ram 50 (Mitsubishi mighty max). I successfully routed the intercooler, wiring, and everything needed from the car. I rebuilt the conquest engine with ARP studs and a new head without jet valves. Im using the flywheel from the quest. The truck starts and runs great. The only things that it's doing that I don't think are good 1. When the truck is under load or high boost (above 5psi) it momentarily hiccups. It's very brief but it does hiccup every 10-15 seconds when under boost. Aside from that I can be cruising on the highway going 70mph without using boost and it runs phenomenal. It's very strange. No hiccups at all until under load. I'm stumped. The injectors are new. Maybe the TPS or Vacuum advance? Any and all help would be appreciated 2. The other thing is when the truck is under boost and I shift a little puff of smoke comes out the exhaust. It's not a head gasket but I feel like the oil catch can isn't properly catching the oil and draining into the pan? I'm worried this will cause and issue for my turbo and intercooler. Sorry for the long post. This is my first time posting on this forum. I stumbled on it while researching my problems with the Quest. Sorry if I'm not posting in the right spot. I'm new to this kind of stuff. Once again, thank you in advance for any help and guidance.
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