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  1. I’m glad that the PO didn’t touch the wire harness. Even the radio harness is fresh. All I need is a jumper harness from stock starion wire harness to megasquirt, not a whole ecu and wire harness. Does something like that even exist for these cars?
  2. There’s a plug n play option for the megasquirt?
  3. Hello everyone! My name is Lukas and I recently picked up a 1987 Mitsubishi Starion! I ended up getting it off auction for ridiculously cheap because I love old Japanese cars, especially turbo ones 😉 The one I picked up ended up having an upgraded turbo/exhaust manifold and a GM maf with a maf translator with some upgraded sway bars. I currently don’t have pictures of it (I know, how could I not have pictures of this beautiful machine but I will get some and upload them) I have got the car running and everything but the current issues I’m having are that the car runs rough when it’s cold, basically doesn’t want to idle until it warms up. The car doesn’t want to go into much boost if the vacuum like from the housing to the internal waste gate is connected (probably 2-3 psi) and with it off the boost gauge goes up to around 6-7 psi. Now I don’t know what it’s supposed to be from factory because I got it with a different turbo already but that’s what I have deduced so far (maybe wastegate problem). Next is that my head lights and tail lights do not work. The head lights go up and down but do not turn on, same with the tail lights. Brake lights and turn signals all work, just not the lights themselves. I plan on putting an AFR gauge and a boost gauge soon (already have the gauges just need the time to wire everything in) for more information and see how safe if it with the air fuel ratio. I also have a megasquirt that I had for a turbo Miata build I had so that is also an option! Anyway, thank you for reading! Glad to join the community, and suggestions and input are much appreciated! Wish you all good luck!
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