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  1. I have a 1984 Conquest parts car that is available for anyone who can pick it up in a fairly short period of time. Car currently has no motor in it but those parts are available separately. Car is at a mechanics garage at the moment and they need it moved fairly quickly so I'm posting this up in the event someone has an interest and can grab it before I send it to a salvage yard or recycling. Car is located in Connelly Springs, NC and would require a flat bed or trailer to move as the tires are very old and no longer safe beyond moving it on and off a truck. Car does have a significant amount of rust around the lower rear rocker panels and paint is in generally rough shape. Most of the interior is in place but condition varies. Front seats when last viewed were ok but rear seats had some tears in them, dash was also cracked. Car is free if someone is interested in taking it within about the next one week. 1984 Conquest Color: Black Mileage: ~85000
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