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  1. So I’ve been driving the starquest pretty frequently and notice at low RPM (roughly 1200-1800) there is a strange vibration that sounds like it’s coming from the passenger side door but I haven’t found the culprit. I’m open to ideas/suggestions
  2. I’m definitely grateful for it already, excited to really delve into working on it. I actually have to replace the hood release cable (currently using pliers to pop it) and can’t seem to find any luck finding it on Google. Do you have any recommendations for where to go for parts?
  3. Interior is all black and the radio doesn’t work. Lol but I’m excited to get started
  4. Awesome I appreciate it! I’m sure I will, first thing I am fixing is the hood release cable. If I have pliers I can open it but the new part is already on the way
  5. Hello, all! My name is Brian I am from Fountain, CO. Brand new to the starquest world (and even newer to the forum page) I am 4 days into my ownership as I just purchased an '86 plymouth conquest. Currently runs and drives, it has 98k on the odometer and it made the two hour drive home with no issues. I've been doing some research as far as basic maintenance for the g54b but I'm always looking for tips and tricks to keep these cars alive. Very excited to be here, and thanks for checking out my post! https://photos.app.goo.gl/gQvd7FsYpBR92m1TA
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