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  1. thanks for the quick response, I will give this a try!
  2. A couple of questions. So last week someone backed into my 87 Conquest and broke the drivers side headlamp (in the bumper). Anyone have any ideas on where to get a replacement? Second item, awhile back the heat/AC display stopped working. Both the heat and AC still work just fin, but no display to see what the temp is actually set at. None of the local garages have a clue. Any ideas on a fix for this? Thanks!
  3. I have a 1987 Conquest Tsi that with the exception of after market coil overs (found here thank you!) is all original. Recently the temperature display has stopped working, the heat and ac both still work, just not the display. I have had it to two different mechanics and they were both clueless. Anyone have any thoughts?
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