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  1. Go away!!! Nah, I’m just kidding, but thank you for the honesty. I’m fully prepared to work on it because I have experience with another “rare” vehicle: a Jeep Comanche. That thing is a beast on its own with the multitude of bad grounds and potential to leak just about every fluid in the vehicle from many different spots. I’ll admit, it’s definitely more common than a starquest and it has similarities with the common Cherokee, but it’s still hard to find parts for the model years that actually apply to it. I wanted a starquest because: A. They’re cool as hell, plain and simple. B. I wanted a smaller car that wasn’t so mainstream. The truck is not the easiest to maneuver around because it’s a long bed. Plus it was either I look around for a starquest that I actually like or settle for a dodge Daytona, and the Daytona just does not cut it for me at ALL. Something about the pop up headlights position and similar-but-not the-same body lines as the starquests really bugs me.
  2. I’m looking to buy a starion/conquest, of any year. Would prefer automatic (shocking, I know!) as I plan to use it as a daily for college and I don’t want to learn a manual just to drive a cool sports car. I would also like for it to be in running condition. In Fresno, CA and willing to travel just about anywhere in state.
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