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  1. I have an 87 Starion finally up and turning over. Runs beautifully in higher rpms but clunks out when off the accelerator. The AFS is all connected and a fresh, cleaned out fuel system. The timing is 10 deg btdc but besides that I have no idea what could be causing this. I'm open to any suggestion cus I'm at a roadblock with this project. Update: I saw the TPS/ISC Reset post and the MPS and TPS sensor voltage readings were all good. I didn't know how to set the idle speed so I'm still figuring that out and I didn't run jumper wires to simulate the closed IPS. Another Issue is that I cant tell if the TPS is "zipping" or "oscillating" as the post says. Its more like a "whirring" sound which I think is the bad one of the 2. There may be a rocker cover gasket leak that is being addressed and will perform a vacuum test with carb cleaner to find any leaks that could be in the system.
  2. I did that first and tried testing all the other terminal possibilities with no ohm readings.
  3. Anybody know where to buy a fuel gauge unit? Mine doesn't read any ohm readings no matter where I place the ohm reader. I don't really want to replace the entirety of the wiring all the way to the dash but is there a kit to do some mild splicing that's been found yet? Maybe a similar sensor from a different car that I can use? Let me know what you guys find.
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