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  1. Going to do a Compression test and leak down test in the morning along with a fuel pressure test. I was how ever able to get ahold of the original owner who informed me that the motor is from a 87 and the head is from a 84. He told me that he did some splicing to get the harness to work. Also the head had a small crack starting according to him and he was never able to get the car to not overheat after the swap. He also gave me the original block (minus the head) and a tranny. What the heck did I get myself into!?!
  2. so i have alway been a fan of the starion/ conquests. I have recently aquired a 86 tsi. i was told it had a different motor in it and it had a wiring issue. the car wont rev past 4k rpms. i have replaced the plugs for the injectors, plugs, cleaned the throttle body and injectors, gutted the cat. It had old gas in it so i added some seafoam, and fresh gas. still ran like crap. i took it to mechanic and he said it was building exhaust pressure in the head so everytime he took the oil cap off it would almost launch the oil cap off! He came the the conclusion it has a cracked head or a bad valve! i figure before spending the money for a new head i would see if i could get some input!! please help!?!
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