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  1. Sold!! Mods please lock/delete. Got a couple sore losers blowing up my phone butt hurt..
  2. As the title says, best means of contact is to text or call me. Yes, oil and coolant lines come with it. 7573233717 is my work cell. You can reach me on that most of the day.
  3. Anyways, I emailed TEP to see if I can get my order details from about 3 years ago to verify the specs.. it's not a zfr turbo btw lol, you won't blow your engine with this turbo...
  4. It's capable of making the stock engine max out.. which in most cases, TBI, that's all it can handle.. face it, the g54b just isn't conducive to big power. Single cam, even MPI it's not that impressive. But for a peppy street machine, this turbo is PLENTY. Don't take it the wrong way lol, I'm not bashing the car, I love the thing... but, I'm just not that onto it (shrugggggggsss)
  5. Keep in mind, I don't care if I sell it but I'd rather it get some use and make "big power" for someone rather than sit on my farm and rust...
  6. Haha funny I actually have a Chevy I wanna sell lol. It's one of those things that I don't really care if I sell, but I would like someone to have it that can actually have fun with it. Cuz, I'm just gonna let it rot until I remarry and buy a house. Then a 1uzfe is going in it and the in gone and all the s*** I put in it will go to the scrap yard...
  7. I'll email TEP and see if they have the details from my order 3 years ago and post it.
  8. I couldn't tell you at the moment. I'm in va and the car is sitting in nc. It's the standard swap from TEP. I'm not about to drive 60 miles just to find out cuz "some guy" asked a question lol.
  9. .63ar hot, .70ar cold.
  10. I have a better platform for future distractions that makes alot more power lol
  11. MPI was sold long ago. The car doesn't run because I went through a divorce and got essentially cleaned out and needed quick cash so I started selling parts. And basically lost interest in the car after that. The engine has about 30k miles on it, put in by mitsubishi with all the original paperwork so it's not like there's a mechanical issue or anything. Just flat out don't want it lol.
  12. As the title says, I have a full T3T4 turbo swap from TEP that's been sitting in a non running car for a few years now. Would like to get rid of it and the stress relieved manifold it's attached to including the 3" downpipe. All can go for $600. Text me 2526795064 for best means of contact
  13. Bump. I know someone wants a turbo lol.
  14. Are you sure you wired the dizzy to the msd correctly? Set it for 4cyl??
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