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  1. so ran the testing.....i did it with both the key in the on position and it would blink once pause and then blink 3 times so does this mean code 1 and 3? o2 sensor and airflow? And then with car running it did the same thing....also i looked into my maf wires and i thought it was a 1g setup but correct me if i im wrong a 1g dsm one have 7wires and our stock ones have 6 wires.. And mine is a 6wire one and all the wires were cut and just tied together so today i soldered then back together to get a more satisfying connection. And all my o2 wires are connected and have solid connections and are in correct places. I have a 3wire o2 sensor. Would my best bet be to change the o2 sensor and also upgrade to a actual 1g dsm mas?
  2. does this mean actually 12volt or a 1.2volt led ??? im lookin around for them online and dont see one n radio shacks page nor local auto stores
  3. i understand the hole blink pause blink but if there are more then one errors coming up will it d a blink pause then blink to show its the #1 code then move onto the next error? or is it a blink pause blink fix tht eror reset the ecu then try to find the next error?
  4. ill be diong this tomorrow how can you tell if you have more than one error coming up? ill be using a led ligh will it blink 3 times pause blink 3 times again and then go to 5blinks pause then 5 blinks again?
  5. bought this today locally and there is no harness so would have to be wired straight up. was wondering if anyone knew what colors go to what and were. colors ar: red-power? black-ground? green purple brown grey blue
  6. ok so was just wondering if the wires hooked upto my 1g mas setup if they were wrong would my mas not even wor properly or would it still work just not the way it should. when its plugged it the car runs fine but if i unhook it it idles crappy is that a way i know its wired right?
  7. is there a difference between a 3 wire o2 and a regular? mine has a 3wire and was just wondering and i have a blue wire black and then a white wire were are they all supose to go just wanna make sure were they go cuz the guy i got this car from doesnt seem to know wut he was doing
  8. also thinkin about buyin a aem wideband would i still beableto use all 3 together? or what lmk im not highly smart with electronics and functions of them
  9. dont even know how to look u codes for these cars. but i am thinking about installing a afc or buying a maf/maft but if i buy the maft shouldi still ue my afc or would a afc be pointless or which of the 2 is a bettersetup to go with
  10. what is a great upgrade for these? i have a 1g as of now but runnin way to rich and lookin to see it theres other sensors out that there will help me to lean out more i was thinkin something like a mustang maf.
  11. hmmm see my stock pigtail was cut off and the guy twisted wires together with a 1g pigtail but thanks anyways
  12. can u snap me a pic of the stock wire colors to the 1g color wires?
  13. ive already got a 1gmas installed but im not 100% sure if the guy before me install the wires to the right ones can anyone give me a color code of wut goes to wut(color wise) and can u use the hole 1g air filter and can or does it have to be starion can and filter with 1g mas sensor pics and any info on this would help thanks
  14. im sure some of you read up on my older post but i have since hooked up a mechanical boost gauge at the 3 nipple onthe TB closet to the firewall and now have an accurate reading of only 3-4 lbs of boost and then it just acts like a rev limiter after that around 4-4500 rpms and black smoke starts to come out. new plugs wires cap n rotor and compression is good timing is on set wasnt off by much but my dad set it. so should i take this to the next step as runnin rich an get a fuel controller?
  15. whitch vac port do i use on the intake manifold? 1 2 3 or 4?
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