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  1. Well thats convenient, how are the wheels and fender? Not a white GVR4 but I had a Kensington Grey one I just sold and I just picked up a flat black one. Here are pics of them.
  2. I Just found out that I have the SHP rear wheels and my front are the 16x7's so Im looking to get the stock 16x8 wheels for the front, Im guessing front SHP wheels and the rear 16x8's are the same thing so either will do if that is the case. Located in Chicago. Also looking for a driver side fender for a 88 widebody.
  3. Thanks. So Im trying to pick up some 16x8 rear wheels and was just gonna put those on the fronts, Im figuring they are the same as and SHP wheel on the front, should I just go with the stock size then? I figured rotating the tires would be a big plus from this and more tire choices.
  4. So its time to replace my front tires (non SHP wheels) and I wanted to go a little wider 215/55/16 instead of the 205/55/16. My friend says theyll rub, I think he's crazy. Any help or any other tire size suggestions?
  5. Just need to know the size of the stock intercooler piping so I can buy an appropraite sized metal pipe and get a 1G Bov flange welded onto it. Thanks. And Ive tried using the search function.
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    Quick question: I have a 1g bov laying around and just need some piping to have a flange welded onto it. So what size is the stock intercooler piping so I can buy the right size, I dont have my car at my house so otherwise I wouldve just measured myself.
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