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  1. Haha I can just imagine the meeting in the marketing department. HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS, I just looked at the budget and if we don't use 2 million dollars before Thursday, we don't get that money again next year, what do we do?!?! An ad with Horses and bulls! And then? ATVs! And then? Uh how about Helicopters! And then? Ooh my turn, F1 cars! And then? ALL OF THEM TOGETHER rally racing! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7luMp6lb9M
  2. my bad on mislocation of post. I just got this battery two years ago, would it already be dead? No warning in the past few days, this just happened like a toggle switch.
  3. So I'm on my way home from work and before I get off the freeway I noticed that my battery light was on, my car was overheating and I was at 12 volts flat! What's going on here? 89 manual quest shp. If you need more details, ask!
  4. THANK YOU!! I just got in! Any tips on lubricating the locks or otherwise helping the anti retard feature that the car uses to unlock the doors if you try to lock the doors with the keys in the ignition? Edited for vagueness
  5. Killer I did try that, but I think the only useful tools I have in my house are a wrench I use to turn my broken shower on and off and the leaky shower itself.
  6. bump for a way to get to school tomorrow.
  7. I just got home after a long day at school and am trying to go see my girlfriend who just had surgery, but I locked my keys in the car! the spare key is awol and my girlfriend's car is also here, but the keys are on my front seat. Any ideas cause I dont have 50 for the roadside call. *edited for vagueness*
  8. White stock 89 owner reporting in. I'm here but my car stayed at home. :/
  9. is at the LaPorte meet.
  10. Thanks Indiana, I did make sure to cut far enough down on the plug wires to get around the corrosion. I went up to Murrays and tried to order a coolant temp sensor, but they gave me one with the wrong thread. So I went over to on4now4's house and started putting his spare parts in to test. Turns out it was the primary.
  11. I was afraid that video would be useless. Car is an 89 quest with about 65k on it. Also if I let off the gas after having been on the road for like 5 mins there is a high chance the car will stall out.
  12. Hey guys, I'm hoping you will have answer to this, cause its driving me nuts. On cold starts my car is running like poop, very rough, and it will shake from side to side. Warm starts, fine like nothing is wrong. Under mild gas, the car will sputter and not go anywhere, but under heavy gas to WOT there seems to be little to no issue. sorry for the poopy sound, nothing in my house is working right today. Any suggestions would be appreciated, and yes I have done my injector clips, both have been done within the past 6 months. edit: using nicer language.
  13. +1 for DeLorean, Supra, and Porsche 944. Them: It's a what? Me: just get in Turbo: wheeeeEEEE!! Them: Awesome!!!
  14. it looks like they put the back end on upside down
  15. if you're willing to shell out a few bucks, look into the review for the i7 series (especially if you're an overclocker ). if not, wait around for a few minutes and look at the i5 series. they should be in the same price range of the e c2d's and kick a** performance wise for the cost.
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