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  1. I am looking for four struts in pretty good condition for an 88 quest. Also a clutch if anyones got them pm asap Thanks David
  2. They say they want to buy something you have on craigslist or ebay then send you a check for thousands more an want you to wire the additional money to someone else? This just happened to me when I was trying to sell my conversion van on craigslist. Said he was from Ohio, check came from Georgia, then wants you to wire the money to California? wt.... Why do people do this stuff!
  3. ok ya ill try that i also just found a post in the FAQs forum on cooling so thanks
  4. What is the first thing i should do if i am having over heating problems?(bigger radiator, new intercooler...ect?)
  5. ya i test drove it today, exterior is perfect along with interior. previous owner took ac out, some clanking? sound like turbo shroud was rattling or something. no knocking and a little smoke but no oil leak spots under it. Turbo swells up to about 8 or 9 still. I dont know I really want it, then do a rebuild with a 4g63.
  6. I am in the process of buying an 88' white conquest in near mint condition and was wondering if there are any tips or suggestions to what to look for in this car. Thanks David
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