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  1. Are you talking about the link I put for RX-7s? If so, those are made in house. They are nice kits. ebay kits don't last even 1 minute in a rotary. Rotary temperature run so hot that crack the welds of the manifolds that fast.
  2. oops didn't catch the journal bearing. I know I seen them. Because the rotary guys like this set up. I makes decent spool up without running out of breath on the top end and giving good # for daily driven FDs.
  3. Can you PM me some info and pics? Thanks
  4. GT35R can be found with T4 flange, specially for the rotary guys. http://www.turbobygarrett.com/turbobygarre...71_731413_1.htm http://www.rx7store.net/product_p/gt35r%20kit.htm
  5. Hi fellas Was introduced here by a fellow 350Z member that has a Starion. The more I looked at the picture of his car the more I remember when this car came out and how mean it looked back then. I got into RX-7s and 350Zs and forgot about them. I sold my RX-7 and traded the Z for a truck and now I miss having something to play with. The Starion caught my eyes and I'm looking into one now. I have been doing a lot reading about this car, specially motor swaps. I like my rotaries because I know them like the back of my hands and never had any issues with any of my 5 rotary powered cars (3 '93s and 1 '85 RX-7 and 1 '05RX-8). So I'm looking into a turbo rotary swap or a 4G63. Also saw some one that was looking into dropping a 350Z motor and that one has my attention too since it is a good motor out of the box. Any one near Norfolk, Va selling a 88-89 widebody?
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