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  1. Sorry I did not reply to your request.... Some how AD got reposted. The Starion was sold back in Jan. of 2011. Sorry again Wolf
  2. I use to have a 83 Starion up until Jan of of this year. Few things to look at: - A fuel pressure gauge off the incoming fuel line will HELP GREATLY. (I have had one on the incoming and return lines) - Fuel Pressure Regular might be going. (unfortunately a factory 83 model FPR is VERY tuff to find,... I had to use a aftermarket one to keep the fuel pressure correct. Correct Pressure is about 35-37 PSI for normal non-intercooled 83. Mine was intercoolered I ran about 38 PSI plus larger tubro set to 9.5psi) - Check both sets of HARD line under the car for both fuel feed to the ECI and vapor line from the tank to the Charcoal Canistor. (I had the hard vapor line plugged that ran from the tank to the front Charcoal canistor under the air cleaner box. I had the fuel vapor line, plus one of the check valves off that hard line to the charcoal canistor plugged, cause the fuel to back up into the fuel return line from the ECU system cause the car to flood.) Hope is helps and good luck with the 83. They are very touch to set, but once you do... they are sweet!!! Wolf
  3. Car is currently OFF THE MARKET for sale. Purchase from member mooser83 is under way.
  4. -------------------- Good to hear from you Matt. PM sent back. Will work out the detail with you by PM and E-mails. Wolf
  5. *** BUMP *** Happy Holidays Members. My 1983 Starion still needs a good home. If anyone is interested Please let me know. The price has been drop from $3000.00 and I up the offer to possible trades. Thanks members Wolf
  6. -------------- Just a bit warmer. HAHAHA By the way ,... very Nice 86 you got their Coke.
  7. BUMP... This 1983 Starion is still up for Sale. HO-HO-HO Chirstmas is coming .... comes get a GREAT X-mas GIFT !!! It may not fit under yout Tree,... but it is Faster through the Snow, then a one horse open sliegh. (HA HA HA)
  8. ----------------------------- Hell if i could get rid of my 83 Starion I would purchase your Starion in a heart beat.
  9. Thank you everybody for the 411 on "GLWS" ... I am now a little smarter in the Acrimonies.
  10. ---------- OK,... I'm an idiot with these Acrimonies. What is "GLWS"?
  11. Sweet Bike... If my Starion would sell I would buy it in a heartbeat. Living in Florida now that would be sweet ride around here. (Wall to wall bike here in Gainesville) Good luck with the Sale.
  12. ***** BUMP ******** Any offer gang?? (beside pulling parts off to sell) Come on... this 83 needs a good home.
  13. ..........BUMP...... StarQurest Gang. I hate to sell this great 1983 surviver, but it really needs to go from my Parent's driveway in Virginia. Price has been dropped and even looking at possible trades. Thanks for looking. Wolf
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