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Hatch Strut Restoration and Repair Information

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Rear Hatch or Front Hood Strut repair Restoration Info.



Rear Hatch Struts.






Strut Wise







VBrad511 emailed Strut Wise and thie is the Response:



This is what Frank sent me back.


Hello Brad,

Yes they can be rebuilt&I'm familiar with the wiring encased in the system.

If the strut has no plier marks from being clamped(to hold the hatch up) they are OK

As they install with the shaft pointing up eventually they will fail.

Cost wise Brad it varies&between $65 to $85 per strut&$85 being the cost of making a new replacement strut


you can just pop them in the post&that works out good,or if using a courier just declare the value at $10 for customs

Time wise(depending on how busy i am) allow 2 wks

That gives you an idea Brad&any queries just let me know

Cheers :-)

Frank Irvine


14468-88th Avenue

Surrey BC

V3S 2R9

Ph 1-888-589-1208

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