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In Topic: stainless steel air dam brackets are back.

Yesterday, 07:29 PM

to all who bought a set of brackets, they are done and i have your addresses and they will be mailed out as soon as i can get them wraped up and in the packages.

In Topic: Sometimes we all need it

27 March 2014 - 08:01 PM

I just wanted to say that I did not know about this but I want to thank each one for the help. It's been a rough 6 months as we now have a 8 year old granddaughter to take care of and dee and I lost our jobs as well as one of our cars. I have found another job things are still pretty bad. Everyone here is like family and it is what sets this club apart from the rest. Thanks so much and God bless everyone. John.

In Topic: stainless steel air dam brackets are back.

22 January 2014 - 10:19 PM

Update the metal shop has caught up on their work and is going to re cut all my brackets. I will pick them up when they get them finished and drill and weld them and send them out. This will probably be the last that i will do. If you paid for a set and you do not want them let me know. When these 10 sets are gone i will not make any more. Sorry for the delay but i had to wait on the shop to re make them.

In Topic: PF 14 & about being banned

18 January 2014 - 10:02 PM

Thanks jimmy the owner of the lodge said he would rope off part of the parking garage for us to sit and work on our cars if we need to.

In Topic: PF 14 & about being banned

18 January 2014 - 09:45 PM

Well i have had all i can take of this so i have to put my 2 cents in. I was there that night and i was with jimmy i know what was said and what was threatened. Suzy is just telling a big fat lie. She told us who was on the black list and she was ready to call the cops on all of us. Furthermore after it was over and everyone had gone. She jumped on me and told me that we were NOT welcomed back then she fired my wife because of it. And as for jimmy he
is a wonderful friend who is always willing to help anyone if he can. My wife and i will not bring our cars to the mountain  thats just that we will be at the vacation lodge enven if i am by myself.