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reseting your cam timeing with out tear down

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Posted 23 March 2013 - 04:10 AM

many times when guys are removeing the head they set the cam gear down on the holder make for that , but as things tend to happen in the world of cars , this can cause problems, what happens is with a worn chain and guides is theres a lot of chain slack , this slack will almost always fall on the long side so the crank gear and the chain get a lof of slack on the pull side, no bigie but this can at times alow the chain to slide past the crank gear and slip a tooth, so when you start to reinstall the cam gear it is now a tooth off on the crank , most of the time this causes the cam to be advance'd by 1/2 of a cam tooth and altho the engine will run it's way out of it's normal timeing spot and performance will suck to say the least ,
this can not becorrect'd at the cam gear in the normal way sence any one tooth is 2 crank gear teeth,, how to fix , well it's realy easy,

first loosen the cam gear bolt,,then you start by seting up the timeing as you normaly would, but this time you set the cam pin in it's 12:00 position and don't pay any atention to the crank pully mark, if the crank and cam are in time the crank mark will be align'd at the tdc mark, but if the cam and crank are out of time the tdc mark on the crank pully will be off by a little say 5-10 degrees or nearly that , if this is the case then do the following

now carefully remove the cam gear bolt and cam gear, but do not set it down on the holder plate but keep an up ward pull on the chain and gear , while keeping a strong upward pull on the gear and chain , use a wrench to turn the crank . lets say the crank was setting at 5 degrees befor tdc , ( as would be the case if the cam is fast)you turn the crank untill it's about the same atdc , now rotate the cam gear one link back . now you have move'd the cam one link back and the crank one tooth late, now if you are right and have not alow'd the chain to drop , when you turn the crank back to TDC both it and the pin will be at 12:00 and the gear will set right into the cam and every thing will be fine again

here's the short of it, you can't correct the crank gear timeing at TDC you must change it 1/2 a cam tooth off thus when it's put back to tdc it will now be in proper time with the cam , in essence you move't the crank one aditional tooth so now one tooth on the cam puts it right where it belongs
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