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How to replace the fuel pump


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Posted 26 July 2012 - 07:19 PM

Frenchi934, on 26 July 2012 - 05:55 PM, said:

Fuel pump how to:

Also upgraded the fuel pump to a bosch 044 unit.

heres a small how-to:

NOTE: THIS IS BEST DONE WHEN YOU ARE EXTREMELY LOW ON FUEL... lol. I fought about 5 gallons in my tank the whole time..

First, use a jack and a block of wood to help support the tank.

Posted Image

Next, undo the tank bolts and the filler neck hoses. The filler neck bolts to the tank with three bolts (two shown, one on top)

Posted Image

Go ahead and open up the access hole in the trunk. It may help you manipulate the tank and you can use it to reach the third filler neck bolt

Posted Image

Drop down the tank a bit and locate the hoses that need to be unattached. there are 3 or 4

Posted Image

Unattach them, drop the tank down and slide it out behind the car. Then clean your tank (it will likely be filthy) be careful not to get any dust into the filler hole.

This is where the fuel pump sucks its fuel out of the tank. I have already removed the pumpbracket and pump in this picture.
Posted Image

Remove the conical filter. It goes in the low pressure side line right before the factory fuel pump.

Posted Image

Posted Image

I then took the screws out of the plate, pulled up the fuel pump pickup and inspected the fuel filter in the tank. After a minimal blow off from the air gun it appeared to be extremely clean. so i re-installed it.

Next onto replacing the pump.

I cut the two electrical wires going to the pump. Make sure to keep the resistor-looking-thing on the bracket. I believe it is a voltage stabilizer.

Posted Image

Here, ive already placed the new pump in the OEM bracket. Since its a little bigger diameter you just stretch out the clamp and use a longer bolt.

Posted Image

Then you splice on whatever connectors you need to hook up the electrical to the pump. The pump will be marked with a + and - terminal, just like a coil. The black wire with the yellowish stripe is the +, solid black is the -.

Posted Image

You will not be able to reuse the plastic shield if your pump is anything like mine, so i left it off the bracket.

Posted Image

Since my pump (used) came with the barb fittings, I simply cut the line going to the stock pump as close as possible to the old pump. (you'll want the extra length).

Posted Image

Then I re-installed the pump bracket. Plugged the pump in, hooked back up the lines on the tank and re-installed the tank. You can hook the high pressure fuel line up after the tank is back in place.

Posted Image

Heres a picture of the gap where you can hook back up the high pressure fuel line.

Posted Image

Then unhook the coil, have someone crank the car to "Start" position and hold it while you check for leaks.

Posted Image

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