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  1. When installing the Distributor the marks are supposed to be aligned like the pic below BEFORE the TEETH MESH with cam gear. http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e82/silverquest/PQ%20manual%20pics/album_pic-15.jpg once seated all the way in and the cam - dizzy gears are meshed properly, the marks do not align anymore. it should look like the pic below. in the Pic below... it is hard to see but the Dimple has rotated slightly towards the front of the head. or front of the car. this is normal once the gears have meshed. the proper installation of the distributor. http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e82/silverquest/PQ%20manual%20pics/album_pic2-5.jpg if you notice in the pic above at far right of edge in pic is the distributor for spark. the rotor ALIGNS with the phillips screw. the red line is in line with the rotor and the phillips screw. the screw faces to the right in the above pic. this is how it needs to be with the engine at top dead center. please contact me with any questions or if i need to make corrections to what i wrote above.
  2. i need to know what the S and L terminals - wires do in the alternator??? i can't seem to find info and would like a refresher please. Thank you for the help. L ? S? Thanks. http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d182/Professor-Quest123/Batt%20Alt/AL-34.jpg
  3. I want to find a good spot for connecting the light for the gauges. Looking for an easy connection to get to for turning the gauge lights on When the bead lights are on. Thanks for the help.
  4. i installed a oil pressure gauge in the side of the block and mounted the sender on the fire wall. i got the Kunigawa -4 A/N by 1/8 BSPT ( tapered ) http://www.ebay.com/...6-/181900298482 then ordered the 4 an hose from Pegasus racing pre-made. can get them from anywhere. just measure the length you need and get the closest to your needs it is PTFE teflon lined SS hose https://www.pegasusa...n.asp?Product=4 1/8 NPT Female to -4 A/N adapter http://www.summitrac...04erl/overview/ depending on your sender pressure device most are 1/8 NPT and some are tapered. so be sure to get the proper adapter. on a side note i linked a different hydraulic web site in the past. i can no longer find my link that had a great selection of adapters but i cant find it anymore.
  5. well for starters modified 86 FIP TBi pro with ignition. problem is when driving normal there is no real boost. even floored it only makes 4 Psi maybe 5 under heavy load. things that have been done... new exhaust manifold gasket, studs, nuts, washers. manifold has been surfaced. new turbo TD06 20G, waste gate, turbine housing all new. checked all intercooler couplers and clamps tight. new manifold to turbo gasket. new turbine to down pipe gasket. vacuum when idling and under cruise is normal compared to my cars readings. air fuel ratios seem proper. what happened?: while driving the car before all the above was done it all of a sudden lost most like a coupler popped off. thought it was the turbo and after that found the exhaust manifold gasket needed repair. put in all new listed above and same exact symptoms. like a coupler popped of or has massive vac leak? tested intercooler from end to end and it is holding boat pressure no problems. don't know what else to check. maybe a clogged cat? no sign of leaks on intake or T body. it looks clean as new. can bad hydraulic lifters cause this problem? any suggestions would be great!!! Thanks!
  6. 1984 Factory Parts Manual 1985/1986 Factory Parts Manual 1987/1988 Factory Parts Manual 1989 Factory Parts Manual Courtesy of Indiana at www.b2600turbo.com Download these by right clicking and saving, 20mb to 40mb each.
  7. Valves? What's the diameter of the valve stem? I believe I read it is 8mm od? Correct?
  8. Provided by: Preludedude Link Reference to the original post for more information: http://www.starquest...ic=148972&st=20 There is no adapter for 1/8" NPT female TO 1/4" BSPT male.. IT HAS TO BE TAPPED... This what I purchased today... Northern Tool store: 1/4"-18 NPT tap...cost $8 http://i1221.photobucket.com/albums/dd461/Preludedude1/photo%201_1.jpg The fitting come from Hydradyne..its a store with fittings for hydraulics/etc...Cost only a dollar or two...I is a 1/4" NPT male TO 1/8" NPT female...My 1/8"npt elbow fits right into it... http://i1221.photobucket.com/albums/dd461/Preludedude1/photo%202_1.jpg Now I need to remove the fuel tophat and tap it...Ill post back in a few days with pictures when its all said and done...
  9. Need good torque tube differential assembly. my TT has a ton of slop. i need a good replacement. Thanks. http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d182/Professor-Quest123/Catalog%201/P1012012.jpg
  10. the driver door mirror rattles or vibrates bad when driving. the passenger side is perfect. is there a way or any suggestions on how to tighten it up to stop the vibrating. the glass mirror is moving the mount is fine and solid. when i move or adjust the mirror all is fine. its just loose in there.
  11. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Radiator-Shroud-Fan-Mitsubishi-Starion-Chrysler-Dodge-Plymouth-Conquest-/181564935934?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&vxp=mtr&hash=item2a461d0efe Radiator And Shroud $349 http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/NTAwWDUwMA==/z/CDoAAOSwcu5URcTB/$_12.JPG
  12. when posting pics all you need to do is click the Image button in the banner if using google images, click on the picture and then click on View Image button it will open the picture and have the direct link in the URL at the top: http://i139.photobucket.com/albums/q299/I-W/Pic%20how%20to/4_zpsqvyqt0et.png copy that link then click on the Image button above http://i139.photobucket.com/albums/q299/I-W/Pic%20how%20to/5_zpsrhjgbxus.png Copy the url of the picture in to the Image Properties URL Box http://i139.photobucket.com/albums/q299/I-W/Pic%20how%20to/6_zps22ufmuvf.png PASTE URL like below... http://i139.photobucket.com/albums/q299/I-W/Pic%20how%20to/7_zpsmjha2wy3.png then click OK at the bottom right corner. The harder way is like this, if you have photobucket or any other image hosting site go to the url area to copy the URL like photobucket for example photobucket has a SHARE Links section next to the picture you want to use http://i139.photobucket.com/albums/q299/I-W/Pic%20how%20to/1_zpsudwifnuv.png For this way of posting pics i click on the DIRECT url link to post in my pics click on the direct link and or copy the url to the pic you want to post. click in the reply or post section where you would type a response to a post the same area to post pics in on our SQC site. what needs to be typed TYPE: http://i139.photobucket.com/albums/q299/I-W/Pic%20how%20to/9_zpsakownnvy.jpg EXAMPLE: http://i139.photobucket.com/albums/q299/I-W/Pic%20how%20to/10_zpsfqlilp2r.jpg no spaces in the IMG or /IMG or it will not work ( NOTE i cannot type brackets or it will error from what i am trying to show you) no space between the bracket and your URL either. if the above is done properly it should look like this::: http://home.comcast.net/~Komeuppance/StarionNight.jpg
  13. would it be better to run the Eclipse therm sensor and ground to the chassis or just the stock sensor and ground through the radiator? conquest starion is a single prong Eclipse is a 2 prong grounding to chassis Closing Temperature [°C]: 80; 176 F Opening Temperature [°C]: 85; 185 F Thread Size: 16x1.5 Part Number: MB356704 Alternate Part numbers MB845063 MB356704 B2442 75173 75109
  14. Seems my torque tube. Seems to have more then necessary play. Might need to get one in good shape. Any other options? Can it be rebuilt?
  15. ok here we go again. i am ready to do my D2's and would like a measurement. just take a measurement. i would like to know what you measured for the front and rear struts. i would like there to be no fender gap on stock tires and rims. in the pic below just pic a color of where you measured and post your measurements please.. http://i139.photobucket.com/albums/q299/I-W/D2s/D2-1-A_zps85e6bfdd.jpg
  16. Please help me find these. it is for a project i am working on. 1/8 BSPP to -3AN Straight 1/8 BSPT to -3AN Tapered i have been looking and i only find them in China... Thanks for the help..
  17. Anyone have a part number for the dash gauge temp sensor? Mine seems to be way off...
  18. Provided by: NightWalkerAncestery AKA - Charles AJUSA also makes full or partial gasket sets for the G54B. These are the AJUSA P#: Full Gasket Set:50122400 Head Gasket Set: 52108500 Conversion (Lower) Gasket Set: 54064300 - Charles Head Gasket also sold by: DAD AKA - Randy Engine Machine Service http://www.enginemac...est/gaskets.php hope this helps
  19. can they be replaced with the head on the car? or is it easier to just pull the head and do it the proper way? is there anything more robust and better then the stock ones?
  20. Well after the car has sat for a while. And it cools down I go to start it and it bellows a giganic cloud of blueish smoke. kind of lost. It seems to only happen when the car is cold. Water is proper level. Oil is at proper level. Could it be fuel?
  21. someone had their steering wheel recovered. i found this on this site. anyone else see or know about this? http://www.craftcustoms.com/ http://www.craftcust...-Mitsubishi.htm they offer many different types of leather and stitching colors and styles of stitching. left side column for pics types of leather and stitching patterns very cool! check out the ferrari type of covering. nice! http://www.craftcustoms.com/images/Make-Model/Ferrari/Ferrari-steering-wheel-suede.JPG mitsubishi starion wheel http://www.craftcustoms.com/images/Make-Model/Mitsubishi/Mistubishi-Starion-1989-steering-wheel-Leather-Before.JPG http://www.craftcustoms.com/images/Make-Model/Mitsubishi/Mistubishi-Starion-1989-steering-wheel-Leather.JPG
  22. i accidentally got some PTFE hose. guess late night too many drinks and ordered the wrong stuff. looked good at the time. i wanted to refresh my fuel lines to the stock Fuel system from filter to TBI and back to the return. so thoughts on SS PTFE hose, is it good or not worth it. thoughts? opinions?
  23. CXRacing 3 inch Down pipe for stock turbo $149 Check with them that this is ACTUALLY 3 Inch diameter pipe before ordering. http://www.ebay.com/...=mtr&rmvSB=true
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