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Found 14 results

  1. I just bought a 1988 Conquest and it is leaking transmission fluid and the guy said that the clutch needed adjusting due to it being an aftermarket clutch. I paid $3200 for the car. He also said the exhaust was an HKS, but it's all rusted. How could I tell if it was really an HKS? Also i guess I'm just asking how this whole forum thing works because I'm completely new to all of this, and if my money was well spent? Thanks for your time!
  2. Can anyone tell me what the bottom brackets look like that this go into? Do they attach under the rear spoiler? Thanks
  3. Hey guys been on the forum for a while I'm just new to posting. I have a 1986 dodge conquest technica that I've had for about 12 years. Drove it daily for the last 2 years. It is all original other than the normal wear and tear items. I'm wanting to bore the g54b .030 over and I'm not sure what pistons and rings I need for that bore. Can yall help me out???
  4. Sorry it won't let us post in the body section. Can anyone tell me what the bottom brackets look like that this go into? Do they attach under the rear spoiler? Thanks!
  5. IT WOULDNT LET ME POST THIS IN THE FAQS AND HOW TO SECTION SO IM POSTING HERE LOOKING FOR HELP I have some 92mm je forged pistons i am trying to sell and have a potential buyer set up... they buyer wants to know specs on compression ratio, but i know nothing about them other than brand and bore size( got them with a parts car and dont have nothing to use them in), only two markings on them are 92m and je, is there any way to determine the compression ratio on them without having them installed in a engine? they potential buyer says je charges 75 dollars to identify pistons and i am hoping to get them figured out to make this sell, any help is greatly appreciated!!!!
  6. So I had a bad 12a turbo it was seized when I got it I put a rebuild in it (new bearings, seals etc.) I have a 1g bov hooked up to it and a cheap Manuel boost controller along with aftermarket gauge I was running 11psi of boost it worked and ran fantastic pulled hard was doing great then last night (3 days after I rebuilt it) I was racing around and did a burnout I saw my gauge during the burnout it was 9psi then got down to the next stop sign and then started going and my car wouldn't boost it got to -1psi and made a weird deep turbo noise and was like "wowowow" like a howling woosh I thought great I just fried my turbo I drive it home easy and tore into my turbo got the insides out it looked fine the turbine spins free sounds fine feels fine and has a tiny bit of side to side play but it was like that when I rebuilt it to I checked my intake and exhaust housing they looked fine I put it back together took it down the road and it did the same thing I'm lost now what do I do?!!!!
  7. Not really a newbie to the starion just new to the forums looking for help with what to save up and what components will be needed obviously 2jz r154 trans fuel pump motor mounts but what else would be needed my goal and plan is to get everything needed so this could be maybe done in a week keep in mind I just want a stock 2jz running in my car and will do upgrades later
  8. I got in my car this morning and I put it in gear when I accelerated, after I put in the clutch white smoke came out of the exhaust what is wrong? It has been sitting for a while and hasn't drove since the middle end of winter. Please help.
  9. Been trying to get my 87 Fatty to a driveable state since i bought it- Mechanically the drivetrain is sound, just need to work out some electrical issues- Will keep posting my problems until you guys get fed up helping To-Do List: -Electrical problems to be tackled over the coming weeks as i will once again have a place to work on my Conquest Electrical dilemmas - the indicators dont work properly- when i turn on the left ones, they stay on; when i turn on the right indicators they blink - but the voltmeter drops severely on each click - also the rev counter drops to zero -First order is to clean contacts and order new fusible links -I have good battery contacts -Also have a parasitic draw of some kind, suspect it might be involved with the TEP radiator fan relay kit i installed (draw occuring sometime after installation [sparks when connecting + disconnecting batt leads]) -Rewire fans- remove / disconnect oem fan wiring? may be shorting or causing draw -Fans stay on full blast whole time- dont switch on/off with temp change (will post pics of wiring. followed instructions) -Replace flasher unit (hazards work fine) but still have left indicator messing with the rev counter (will check if hazards do as well, can't recall) -Brakes -ABS Delete (rear brakes vibrate badly when brakes applied, not warped rotors) -Braided Brake Lines -Check brakes - slotted rotors - sticky pads? -Lightweight Water pump pulley- belt squealing (belt only goes from crank, water pump, alt) Have 2 oem pulleys, both squeal in different ways (new alt, new belt, and no squealing before) Maybe the new alt? has a painted shiny pully vs. old metal one -Trans rear seal (front seal done already) Any tips on this project? Unbolt driveshaft (paint for orientation) pull + replace seal? any common issues to lookout for? -Diff seal(s)? unsure of cond, no noticeable leaking like the trans - once new seals are in, switching to RP 85-90 MTFluid (w/ friction mod) for trans and diff -***Seats***: I have a sparco fighter seat- with the sparco slider- i wanted to confirm that this is the correct base for the star/quest floor pattern. Anyone have experience with different seats and have suggestions? http://www.horsepowe...41/-/Mitsubishi also found http://www.grounddyn...ct-p/500870.htm Any problems fitting buckets? - any difference between these two base mounts besides cost? $80 vs. $110 -Solved issues -Engine problems sorted- popped a newish (4k mi) rebuilt motor in -Transmission problems sorted, turns out the shifter wasnt properly bolted in by the previous owner. a bit of elbow grease sorted out another surprise left for me with the car. PS - Has anyone in SoCal got a junk automatic transmission? From a starquest preferably- Have to ask, taking Auto Trans Rebuilding this semester Thanks in advance Aaron
  10. Hello there! This isn't my first post on SQC, but it is my first since I actually acquired my new ride. Unfortunately she's a loooong way from showtime, but for a 25 year-old-car, who really expects that. I did, however, overpay for this lump. It's non-running and I dropped 2 grand for it.... oops... but it's quite rare in my area so well worth it in the end (so I hope!) Well, here it is in all its 80's glory. My 1988 Conquest TSI On the farm where I bought it from... this thing was REALLY DIRTY http://i.imgur.com/l9W6p54.jpg After I cleaned up a bit and got it into a garage, unfortunately not my own garage so my time here is limited. http://i.imgur.com/lAmB1YD.jpg http://i.imgur.com/k7DZ2np.jpg http://i.imgur.com/mNKOjxs.jpg I was told that this car just needed a new head to make it run well, but that sounded waaaay to good to be true... This thing is a pit. He included a new head in the sale, but I have yet to see it so i don't know what kind it is. The wiring in this is especially bad. It's poorly laid out, disconnected in random spots, cut in places, etc, but no frays and it looks to be all there still. Disconnected that ridiculously complex air intake system (seriously, what's the deal with that huge thing anyway?!) so I could actually see things better... The turbo is brand new OEM but the intercooler is shot. There's an aftermarket blowoff valve on it, but for some reason the previous owner left the old one plugged into the wiring system...why did he----?! http://i.imgur.com/82qIhYZ.jpg Then, after pulling the valve cover, I was really shocked. This valve-train looks brand-spanking new, doesn't it? Why would the owner say it needs a new head? Guess I won't know till I pull the darn thing off... The valve cover even looks new-ish. What are all those little threaded holes in the valve cover? Is there supposed to be something in those? They don't line up with the head, but I don't think it would be a good idea to have oil spurting out of those after all is put together again, haha. http://i.imgur.com/xs6OQ6X.jpg http://i.imgur.com/rqU8GiR.jpg To put this whole thing simply, I bought a project car that I don't even understand, lol. I have 0 experience with engine work so I'm relying on friends and forum members to get the car back on its feet. To make matters worse, I can't even drive a stick yet. But... we'll see what happens. I don't have any big plans yet besides getting it running, but i'd like to go for something more rally-inspired as I've always been a huge fan of rally racing and the Starion has "some" roots in that motorsport. If you guys see ANYTHING that looks wrong, missing, or out of place, PLEASE let me know!! Thank you! And if anyone's interested, this is what I'm stepping over from. This is my daily driver: http://i.imgur.com/CYUt1GJ.jpg
  11. Hello, Im 19 years old my friends was telling me abou this car his brother had, that they wanted to get rid of, long story short he said it was a nissan conquest? i never heard of that so i did some research, went and looked at it and I noticed the Turbo under the hood, so me and my dad went and looked at it, He didnt want any part of it, he said its gonna need some work(been sitting for 4 years, no brakes)wont start. ect So I said screw it and bought it for 750 cash with title, bought a fuel pump/filter/oil filter and she started right up, it seems to run good but I notice a bogg around 2k rpm when I lay onto the gas? now i have been doing some reading on here and I think the culprit might be one of my fuel injector connectors i noticed mine is being held on by a paper clip...it runs good though it has a clank but from what i read it might be normal and maybe an exhaust leak. but its manufactured in may 88' conquest tsi SHP I belive I have little nobs on the suspension and 225's up front and 245's in the back pretty damn wide, I understand i can't push my stock motor but im looking to do some upgrades like the magna mpi and the 3'' maf and translator but Im kinda stuck this is my first car and I dont know too much but I know more than a little
  12. So i need the upper gasket of the throttle body if anyone can help that would be great thanks
  13. Hi, I am looking for a good flywheel and pressure plate combo without a clutch from an 88-89 starquest. I am a college student, so my funds are kind of low. Please call me and we can work out a price. My number is 763 - 218 - 5781 Mike! Thank you! Call anytime between 10am - 10pm Text any time you want!
  14. Greetings all, I'm very green here and wanted to tell my story. I'm a Mitsibushi fan boy for a long time aswell as a Nissan guy, they build engines and cars that are ment to last. My brother and me and a small club (We aRe Wired) are doing a sort of rally, rallycross, dirt racing, here we call it sandcross. (Dutch site: http://www.cross.wrw.be ) Mostly we do bangers, so desctruction derby, sometimes lemon racing, like 4 hour derby's without crashing ! - I need always to tell people to restoration - rebuilding sites, that we love old cars and that we NEVER EVER would wreck up a car that can be rescued. We mostly take cars from the junkyard, that are hours or even minutes away to end up in there shredder, so we save allot of parts and cars like this ! To us (me and my brother) it's a hobby to make fun with the least money spend on cars as possible. So we buy old rusty cars, strip all the parts, sell'm for the least money possible, get our money back, wreck it up and get it back to the junkyard. It's a good way to bury those cars and have the most out of'm, parts wise. It's a worthy way of going imho Now why am I here on the quest of stars ? BTW: Starions are here in Europe pretty rare ! Myself bumped up 3 Starions 2.0l turbo 1984, 1985, 1986, flatbody's. I only bought the '84 and '86, they are wayyy beyond repair or even salvaging for road use. The '85 was imo rebuildable, so we left it behind ! So I wanted to rebuild them for rally cross, (dirt racing) they are in no way ment to be used as banger or destruction car, just racing for years to come, that's why Starion is build ! In our club there are a couple of Toyota MR cars, mid engine RWD monsters that just win everything ! Now the icon Starion is needed to teach those guy's a lesson ! Turbo with lot's of horsepower and RWD is what we need. I'll post here the pics of those sad little cars, that need louuuuds of work to make them competitive, but I'm willing to take a route just to prove Toyota that a Mitsibushi can handle those pesky MR ! I'm brand new into turbo and all this Starion madness, but on this forum I've learned so much already and hope to get some support to make this fairy tale happen. This is the first one, red one, originally it was white, but now bad red painting ... http://cross.wrw.be/private/WP_000322.jpg Saving him from the junkyard: http://cross.wrw.be/private/330.jpg Believe you me, the bumper is't forced off, it just dropped of his own weight through rust hehe The shape that you see is, just paint, no iron no more http://cross.wrw.be/private/333.jpg Yes on the floor, you see 10cm thick rat droppings The glove compartement was a housing of rats, man it's terrible to work at this car, death animals all around, feathers, skeletons and s*** all over the place ! http://cross.wrw.be/private/334.jpg Some spare parts ECI, timing and a ford ECU Never a good sign ! http://cross.wrw.be/private/336.jpg The engine compartment, I just hope that this can be turned around to a horsepower high RPM monster for the least money possible ! http://cross.wrw.be/private/335.jpg Broken turbo exhaust housing :mad: http://cross.wrw.be/private/WP_000358.jpg http://cross.wrw.be/private/WP_000362.jpg The shaft of the turbine is gone aswell, need to rebuild this before there is even a chance of using this turbo ! Remember this is already cleaned as hell lol, it was incredible ... http://cross.wrw.be/private/WP_000366.jpg At least the turbines aren't shipped in any form, just cleaning and reusable if not upgrading ... http://cross.wrw.be/private/WP_000371.jpg Parts maybe usefull for Starion lovers, although they are in very bad condition ! http://cross.wrw.be/private/WP_000378.jpg Finally a clean part .... NOT, rats or squirrels has lived in here, nuts and features all over :/ http://cross.wrw.be/private/WP_000312.jpg
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