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  1. Alright guys, hopefully I'm in the right forum for this. Would just like a little advice with this g54b. So I've put about 1200 miles on it since I got it running after sitting since 2003. Seemed to run ok, little hiccups here and there. I parked it for several months now because my pinon seal on the steering box went bad so it leaked all the ps fluid out so got tired of putting ps fluid in it all the time. Got that fixed, got it started, had a lifter tapping, nothing too crazy, checked the valve adjustment and it was ok, drove it home and on the way home I noticed it making a low end knock at about 3k rpms. So my question is, do I spin a new set of bearings in it? Car had 82x miles so motor can't be too worn out. I already have new lifters to put in it but I didn't know if this motor is saveable? Any recommendations would be appreciated
  2. Hey guys, just wanted to thank you all for the info. Found a couple worn vacuum lines got them changed, changed the vaccume advance and took it down the road and it hits every rpm with ease! Now I just gotta figure out why my cruise dont work, it worked for me one time and that's it. Going to do the rear hatch adjustment next and hope that my rear wiper and rear defrost works. Thanks to all I'm sure I'll have other issues I'll start threads on. Still trying to figure out how to use the site.
  3. Well since I've got it running I've almost put 1000 miles on it so I'm trying to figure out all the bugs. Problem is, this is the first conquest I've ever owned, been around or driven. So I'm not 100 percent positive how its suppose to run or how much power its supposed to have. Hell I dont even know where redline on the thing is, dont think I've ever taken it past 5500 rpms, but it does kind of feel sluggish to me for a turbocharged car that's suppose to be pushing 188hp and 230ftlbs. If your just trying to drive in the city with it its really hard because if your just lightly throttling it it feels like it cuts in and out, soon as you give it more gas of course it goes away until the stumble between 3500rpm and 4500. Really hard to explain. Picture being in about 3rd gear, trying to go 35 in town and you can feel in the pedal the car kind of "rocking" as you drive. The motor doesnt miss or anything. 86questtuner said something about a throttle position sensor, didnt even know the thing had one. If so where is that at? As for the exhaust manifold bolts, yes I am aware they break and/or strip. I actually watched a video of a guy working on a conquest in his shop, doing the exhaust manifold, he said that it's best to go a size bigger? Idk it didnt make much sense to me but I havent tried loosening any of them yet but from the looks of it they are all there. I have the new exhaust manifold gasket and a new turbo mounting gasket, I wasnt sure if the turbo had to come off first so I got the gasket in case. Hopefully I dont sound like a dumba** or anything but I have always wanted one of these cars and I really want this thing to be showroom quality someday to keep ahold of and in 20 or 30 years from now it can be like a model t is to us today. I'm going to go ahead and order a vacuum advance for it, found one for 60 sum bucks so it's worth it to me cuz everything else on the distributor is replaced anyway. I live in Ohio and there is actually a guy that lives about 45 mins from me that has all kinds of crazy cars including like 3 different conquests and he said he has a bunch of conquest parts too, minus the front chin spoiler that I need. You guys would be mind blown if you seen his collection
  4. See I knew there was a reason I hit you guys up, my spoiler and hatch is sticking pretty far out
  5. Ok so to anyone who wants to give me a little insight to some of the issues I'm working with here will be greatly appreciated. Please bear with me as I'm actually new to the forum thing. I do alot of reading on forums and I've actually been reading this forum long before I even found my conquest but I've never really posted any of my problems. I think I may have posted something somewhere on here before the site switched I dont even remember. So I picked up a 1987 chrysler conquest tsi a few years ago now. Got it fairly cheap BUT it had been sitting outside non running since 2003... luckily it was on a concrete pad on jackstands (they left it on jackstands from them working on it) so suprisingly it's pretty solid, only 83x miles on the clock. So I've spent the last few years going thru it, replacing what needed to be replaced, getting it running, learning with it etc. But I got a few issues maybe other people have ran into. So when I'm driving it, at about 3.5 rpms I have a stumble, seems like it just cuts out. Seems like it's worse in 3rd and 4th gear. Almost like a miss. Now would a leaky exhaust manifold gasket do that? Maybe the boost is cutting out? Because my exhaust manifold is leaking I can see the soot back on th firewall. I didnt know if that could cause that. Of course it has new cap, but on, plugs gapped at .35, wires, tanks been coated, fuel pump, rebuilt injectors, etc My rear defrost or rear wiper doesnt work. I havent tested power or anything or done further research, I dont know maybe someone on here will be like Oh yea! Its _______ I think the rear motor on the wiper arm might be locked up I'm not sure So I'm sure if I do some digging theres a topic on this; my driver seatbelt doesnt retract lol its stuck on the off position up my the windshield. I've had several cars with these damn automatic seatbelts and have had them quit working but never looked into it but of course I want to make the quest right. The passenger seatbelt works fine but not the drivers. Any info on any of these topics would be appreciated.
  6. So I got an 87 Chrysler conquest tsi, had it for about 3 years now and I been slowly making it road worthy. One issue I'm having is I dont know how to go about putting an aftermarket radio in it. Cant find the install kit to mount the CD player. My stock radio still works and all the functions on the steering wheel work but I only pick up one radio station and the cassette player dont work so it's really boring driving it with no tunes. Any info on finding a dash install kit would be great.
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