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In Topic: Jake's '87 Conquest Build Thread

Today, 11:22 AM

Cool man  keep up w good work.

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Today, 09:40 AM

You could have one of these pumps like mine. I would see what happens while your car is running at idle pressure should be steady. If you rev your car real hard it should not be dropping below base setting.

Good luck

In Topic: HOW TO: Work w/ -AN Fittings and Lines

Today, 04:20 AM

Nice write up.

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Today, 04:17 AM

Pressure should stay up for a good while on stock fuel pump regulator and all. Now on my 87 l have a brand new pump aftermarket and it drops quick  as l dont think there is a drain back valve on it  but as soon as you turn the key on jumps back up   it's a good question that l wish could answer but pretty sure has to do w drain back valve or something  doesn't seem to effect anythihg.

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08 December 2018 - 02:23 PM

Awesome fpr and fits stock location

As far as AEM afr gage  they recommend you weld a bung about 30 " from turbo (to hot for 02)  and just cap off the original hole. Comes w new bung. P4 setting simulates the signal so that our ecu can understand.
Pretty sure that's the one l have