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In Topic: Rear end parts direct from Japan?

Today, 10:01 AM

I would appreciate that. There is a print attached above. When you measure state 100% known year and we will go from there.I can't find any part numbers stamped anywhere.Lengths are what probably matters the most. In particular one from bearing journal to the face of shaft.0ne that's around 13.600 ish.lol

Thank you

In Topic: Rear end parts direct from Japan?

Today, 09:48 AM

 pcristquester, on 17 February 2019 - 09:21 AM, said:

I have a spare on the shelf I was told was good I could send. I donít know if I can confirm what year itís from though.

This one is from 86 wide body  if you feel like comparing measurements.

86 wb shaft basic dimensions https://imgur.com/a/HzZ7AmT

In Topic: Rear end parts direct from Japan?

Today, 04:10 AM

I believe they are the same on 86-89 wide body cars and that is what l am working on  . That is why l posted in items wanted so l can get my hands on couple of years just to make sure. Flat body cars maybe longer and need done differently. No date will be set for anything until l confirm what's what so there is no confusion and wrong parts being made.l dont mind making both versions though just more research is needed.Also will confirm that the 86 l am working on fits on my 89 auto as that will be the first car to get installed on.If anyone has confirmed 88-89 sitting around let me know l would like to do some measurements and return promptly along w paying for shipping. He said she said it fits will not cut it. I need accurate measurements.

In Topic: Rear end parts direct from Japan?

Yesterday, 08:14 PM

Yes they are all in terrible condition.One l posted video of above had 70000 miles.Torque tube shaft and gear on differential side need replaced together.Doing the one and not the other makes no sense. Plan is to offer you both parts as a kit w proper bearing for the tube and differential seal(you may as well replace it while in there) As long as your core is good and rebuildable.Also l will offer you torque tube rebuild and send you new differential gear and seal w it after its completed. My hope is to make it affordable  but will see what happens after all said and done.                            
                                        It's still in the works and to early to give any specific date. Will keep you all posted on my progress.


In Topic: Rear end parts direct from Japan?

Yesterday, 06:07 PM

Finally got some time to do some machining on this thing.Indicated it all in within .0002  OEM coupler is machined off to original diameters on the shaft where it was slipped on and welded at the factory.So far so good. Next post l will be making gears before they go for shaping and heat treat after.