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In Topic: 89 airdam pricing

Yesterday, 08:08 PM

I sold 2 OEMs still in bubble wrap for $650 each and kept one for myself this was about 2 years ego or so.

In Topic: D2 Coilover Blowout

Yesterday, 10:46 AM

 BC_99, on 24 March 2019 - 08:11 AM, said:

They may not be as nice as D2/Ksport/XYZ coilovers, but I don't see them as unsafe, or sketchy.

Are they cheap?....sure.

Will they last the life of your car?....doubtful.

Are they a better option than 30+ year old suspension?....yes.

Do any of you offer a better alternative?.... a resounding no.

Let's just call them what they are. They are cheap parts from overseas that may need some creative solutions to seem less sketchy. The only thing I see about them that I don't like, is the problem Speedy mentions. The butt-weld. That's a fair concern. So why not add a sleeve inside to connect the 2 halves and hold them in alignment before welding? That wouldn't be a difficult or expensive solution would it? The diameter of the shock/strut shaft shouldn't be a concern. The spring and perches manage the vehicle load, the internal valves of the shock control the bounce and rebound and ride rate. I see know way that smaller shaft will be a problem. My 4000 lb galaxie has thinner shock shafts than that, with no problems.

Listen guys, I am not endorsing these parts. I've never laid my hands or eyes on a set, and I don't personally know this fellow that is offering them.

What I do see is a new vendor bringing cheaper options to the community. Which is what the community has been crying for. I also see this community reacting the way it always tends to.

The people complain about the availability of new stuff.... "why don't we have lots of coilovers like the civic crowd...."
then new stuff comes along.... "yay D2 Ksport etc"
then it's too expensive.... "not everyone can afford $1k for them, or weld them, why are they so much, we need cheaper options"
So other options come along.... "yay, legion elite are here at a substantially lower rate"
And then people start picking them apart..... "they are cheap rebranded parts, they are sketchy, they aren't as solid as the expensive ones"

Well, what did you expect?

If there are concerns, talk to him. Make suggestions. Otherwise, you're just going to run another vendor off and be back to crying about availability again.

I  couldn't agree more. Have been using these for over two years now with no issues of any kind.

In Topic: In need of torque tube shaft(worn out ok)

23 March 2019 - 10:51 PM

Gonna do some re testing of the material  perhaps our machine was off for some reason.Thank you for the input. Perhaps l send a sample some place that specializes in material testing.

In Topic: Cam crank timing

22 March 2019 - 04:45 AM

A few years back l had local shop install head gasket along w new cylinder head and new timing kit due to my very busy schedule at work.  I get a call from them that after install car ran for few minutes and boom everything fell apart inside the motor. They claimed that crank gear split causing the dowel pin on timing gear to shear  valves hit the pistons. They filed a claim against Cloyes for the cracked gear and made me wait for over 6 months so l pulled my car out and re built the motor myself which l should have done in a first place. Upon disassembly l quickly realized that they had set timing way off. Eventually they paid me back fraction of money for some of my lost parts after having a strong worded conversation w the manager.Yes vulgar language was used and lots of it.Was happy to have my car up and running regardless. One thing l did not like on new Odessa  cylinder head at the time is that it was supplied w dowel pin  not a roll pin which was also culprit.No shop will ever again work on my car again.Place filed bankruptcy soon after due to bad business practices and lawsuits from many people.  Car is running strong to this day since.

Glad to see you have compression   you can figure out the rest per post above its pretty easy  just steps that's all.

In Topic: Fuel filler hose replacement

21 March 2019 - 05:48 AM

10 minute trip to Napa will fix you right up. Good quality hose to. People have also used this hose for intercooler plumbing w no problems.