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In Topic: No boost but engine running ok through the rpm range?

Yesterday, 06:15 PM

One of the first things to do plugs rotor wires and coil.

In Topic: Electric fan motors

Yesterday, 06:13 PM

I like using 2 192s that way fans get a little break in between.They may burn up quick if you run them constantly but it's about personal preference l guess.

In Topic: What spark plug wires (and spark plugs)?

Yesterday, 06:07 PM

I have used just standard wires from OREILEYS auto parts for years w no issues when my 87 was stock and use the same thing now on my mpi  never any issues w noises or cutting out.

In Topic: Aftermarket fuel injectors

Yesterday, 03:53 PM

 Preludedude, on 21 July 2018 - 03:43 PM, said:

FIC ran great in my TBI setup with MS system.

I ran 650/950, then 950/1200, then 1200/1800.  All purchased from FIC.  

Great customer service and fast shipping. A little pricey but worth it.

Very nice injectors and people who work at FIC  l agree.

In Topic: Aftermarket fuel injectors

Yesterday, 01:21 PM

It's not a rebuild it's just cleaning and flow testing!Pretty much if they don't leak they clean them and clean them again till they flow stock spec amount of fuel into container in certain amount of time and spray the way they should.
I prefer FIC injectors 650 and 950 for stock set up. Had some bad luck with trilogy injectors and only way l could get them to work right was w 3"gm mass and translator  even then secondary was a little unstable and lean maybe due to spray pattern? Who knows. Your stockers could be good and just need cleaned l would send them in.  Stockers work best on stock set up for best idle and general performance.