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In Topic: A good star quest mechanic

Today, 04:06 PM

Looks pretty good to me on compression part. Plugs do look kinda hot maybe not getting enough fuel? What's your fuel pressure? One thing at the time.

In Topic: 89 Fiji with sport interior in New Mexico

Today, 05:40 AM

Nice   good block and some tlc  good to go.

In Topic: A good star quest mechanic

Yesterday, 06:29 PM

Cool man let's see it.  When you do compression test disconnect your injector connectors  unplug your ignition coil  pull the plugs out   wide open throttle  test one hole at the time and record on paper  test each hole 2 or 3 times  and post it here if you can. Good luck.

In Topic: Randy / DAD's the guy for engine parts and more!

Yesterday, 06:14 PM

Awesome service and great people to.

In Topic: A good star quest mechanic

Yesterday, 01:27 PM

I really want to see your compression test numbers ?   In my opinion that's the first thing to check so you are not chasing your tail and if it's good it's good go on to the next thing.  We all know very well issues with head gaskets and cylinder heads on these cars.