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Today, 07:56 AM

I had no issues without that black box resistor diode by the ac relays at least not that l know of  but still would like to know what it is tied into to resist power to ? maybe someone has some proven input on this subject it does sound important though ?

In Topic: B-12

Today, 06:41 AM

Ucw458  is right about b12  here is that page from electrical manual

As far as my previous post for black box resistor on drivers side by the ac relays that's  a alternator resistor diode  mine was cut to  but it's going back in today

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Today, 01:34 AM


Never to late to put some of them back in  this is from SOS manuals  you should keep the small black box at least and gold one if you want the alarm to work  enjoy

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Today, 01:31 AM


From SOS files especially for people who like to delete things before reading up what they do check it out

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Yesterday, 07:03 PM

Will look in some old SOS manuals l downloaded bunch of years back it's very detailed it may be in there somwhere