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Theoretical Tires on SQ Wheels

13 September 2018 - 10:36 PM

I know 16x8 with a 10 offset (Non-SHP Rears) CAN be ran on all 4 corners.... but I have seen very few pictures to reference, and most people who have 16x9-10 square are running skinny tires, really low, and are "tucking" their wheels. I love the look of the deep-set 16x8 but really want a "meaty" square tire setup on my car some day.

Hypothetically, do you think you could run 16x8s square with 245/45s or so on the front and rear? Not sure if it would look good or just poke out way to far. I'm sure someone with a 16x8 on a 245/45 or 245/50 on the rear has stuck one of their rear tires up front for fun - if you have could you post a pic or tell me what the situation is up there? Always wondered.. if it looks cool I may do it to mine after I get it on the road.

1:18 Scale Models?

10 April 2018 - 06:04 PM

Check this out! I just found it online... looks like a highly detailed Starion model for around $150....


Anyone have any more info on this? Says available July 2018!

Painting my Starquest in the upcoming months.. opinions/ examples?

27 March 2018 - 08:50 PM

RED. I want to paint it red. I've always wanted a red car and I believe this is the perfect car for it. (Plus the black/ some red accent interior will match nicely....)

Now the part I need help with... There's a lot of red starquests, almost all being single stage (or just a normal, flat color). I want something with some metallic or pearl in it, potentially a candy. I've been eyeing Candy Apple Red by Urekem that goes over a gunmetal metallic basecoat that looks awesome on some cars.

My question is, what does a paint job with a lot of contrast in it look like on a ("widebody") starquest? Is it bad? Does it show off the lines well? Is it too much? Would like some opinions and even more so some examples.

Fuel Line Length

02 March 2018 - 09:57 PM

Anyone know about how long the fuel lines are from the tank up to the back of the motor? Looking to upgrade to -8AN feed and return lines on my V8 Quest, and don't know how much to order.
Would 33 feet (10m) work? I'd assume so..


88 Knock Box

14 January 2018 - 08:03 PM

Cut the knock box with the pigtail of wiring from my Conquest because I heard that for the guys with the factory engine you can ground a wire out and make more boost or something like that. Don't know the details of how all that works... Bought my car with no motor for a V8 swap, however I know the knock box works because he drove the car for a while before pulling the engine to put in his other conquest.

I REALLY don't want to ship it. Too much hassle for too little reward. I live in Smithfield, NC. $40 and it's yours...  plus if you need anything else from my various parts assortment of things I have cut out of the engine bay you can take those with ya as well.

If you want it shipped, $50 + shipping cost through USPS flat rate boxes or whatever is the easiest. Not much experience shipping items but if you really want it I'd be willing to figure it out for you.