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Cheap Centercaps!

20 October 2018 - 08:52 PM

$4 for a set of 4 centercaps, and they fit when you take the metal snap ring out and just use them as cheapo plastic center caps! I mean, there's a small gap around the edge, and it's not perfect, but for someone needing a set I just thought I'd share!


Pictures of the centercaps on my wheel: (still don't know how to embed, sorry!)

With Metal Ring:


Without Metal Ring:


WTB Non-SHP Rear 8" Wheels

24 September 2018 - 10:36 PM

Would prefer them to be in need of a restoration anyways (kind rough, but no dents in the lip or anything structural) & cheap. Have to restore the two I already have and would love a square set of them.
Also would prefer them to be local bc its not cost effective to ship them or for me to drive very far to get them.

A guy is currently selling two for $60 but he's a 4+ hour drive away.. my truck gets 10mpg :( If anyone's closer than that please let me know! Thanks!

I'm located in Smithfield, NC (27577)

I know it's a longshot that a starquester would be within 4 hours anyways, but it's worth asking!

Theoretical Tires on SQ Wheels

13 September 2018 - 10:36 PM

I know 16x8 with a 10 offset (Non-SHP Rears) CAN be ran on all 4 corners.... but I have seen very few pictures to reference, and most people who have 16x9-10 square are running skinny tires, really low, and are "tucking" their wheels. I love the look of the deep-set 16x8 but really want a "meaty" square tire setup on my car some day.

Hypothetically, do you think you could run 16x8s square with 245/45s or so on the front and rear? Not sure if it would look good or just poke out way to far. I'm sure someone with a 16x8 on a 245/45 or 245/50 on the rear has stuck one of their rear tires up front for fun - if you have could you post a pic or tell me what the situation is up there? Always wondered.. if it looks cool I may do it to mine after I get it on the road.

1:18 Scale Models?

10 April 2018 - 06:04 PM

Check this out! I just found it online... looks like a highly detailed Starion model for around $150....


Anyone have any more info on this? Says available July 2018!

Painting my Starquest in the upcoming months.. opinions/ examples?

27 March 2018 - 08:50 PM

RED. I want to paint it red. I've always wanted a red car and I believe this is the perfect car for it. (Plus the black/ some red accent interior will match nicely....)

Now the part I need help with... There's a lot of red starquests, almost all being single stage (or just a normal, flat color). I want something with some metallic or pearl in it, potentially a candy. I've been eyeing Candy Apple Red by Urekem that goes over a gunmetal metallic basecoat that looks awesome on some cars.

My question is, what does a paint job with a lot of contrast in it look like on a ("widebody") starquest? Is it bad? Does it show off the lines well? Is it too much? Would like some opinions and even more so some examples.