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25 July 2021 - 03:07 PM

I had the print out, but I lost it. Alignment was done before the new tires. Going to see if I can get it in this week and just see what happens. It just bothers me that the right rear sticks further out than the left, more than I think another alignment will fix.

In Topic: Toxic's 88 Starion

24 July 2021 - 08:09 AM

All poly, probably have 20 miles on  them.

In Topic: Toxic's 88 Starion

23 July 2021 - 09:53 PM

Ksport coilovers, as far as previous alignment I know it was way off but no idea if it was the same issue or not.

In Topic: Toxic's 88 Starion

23 July 2021 - 05:46 PM

Little update. Got the parking brake working finally. Wasnt hard once I had the parts. Also got new tires and have 8" rear wheels on the front of the car now. Which has made the rear alignment problem way worse, Now it rubs on one side. I spaced the factory rear wheels out 25mm which looks great if it were even. The passenger side rear wheel is towed out too far and the adjustment for it is already maxed out, the whole tire seems to sit further out than the drivers side. I tried loosening both cross members and shifting it but it made little to no difference. Double checked how Tall I have the coilovers set, raised em a bit. But passenger side still rubs. Drivers clears fine. I dont know where the issue is. Starting to think the control arm may be bent. But I took a couple quick measurements across the control arms and checked against the parts car I have, they measure fine. So I am at a loss. Dont know what else to try.... If both sides rubbed or even looked the same I wouldnt be too concerned but it really looks like the rear suspension is offset to the passenger side.

In Topic: Toxic's 88 Starion

03 July 2021 - 10:02 PM

Welp when I picked up a parts car today. Gunna steal some parts and sell it again. Wonder if the torque tube shaft is the same from a 87 to a 88