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  1. I just sold this about a month ago to a dude here in HSV for a considerable amount less than he is asking. If anyone wants to pick it up I can give you the skinny on it. FYSA it was Fanta's old rig for a while.
  2. http://i.imgur.com/yLr0g8D.jpg I am not sure Dave is ready yet.
  3. 1987 Mitsubishi Starion ESiR $2800 in Huntsville, AL 256 513 6773 Cosmetically the body is pretty straight. The passenger rocker has a dent where a previous owner had jacked it up wrong. Same applies to the driver's side, only it's not on the rocker Clear is going on the roof, and clearcoat is gone on the hood. The front bumper had indentations from where it once had a front license plate. Minor spots where there is rust where the paint has chipped over the course of its life. Good: Has a 55lb and a 95lb Delphi injectors with the modified mixer housing. Stock 12a turbo 2" hard pipes with crushed 1G DSM BOV. 2.5" exhaust with a magnaflow high flow ceramic cat and a Greddy Evo2 muffler. 88/89 seats 88/89 ECU inside the 87 case. 89 transmission 89 auto-down window switch Autometer boost gauge. Passenger side frame rail replaced Replaced fuel filler hose New tires front and rear Bad: No AC Windshield is crack E-Brake doesn't work, need to lub or replace the cables.
  4. I hear you like ported turbo housings.
  5. All of the boost. FYI: The TDO5-12A-8CM2 320 CFM @ 15PSI, which is about all that turbo is good for anyway.
  6. I believe that was 18g. That wasn't what I wanted to use, but it is what was available. That is bead rolled, made it twice as strong, at least from flexing at least.
  7. Well the Starion needed some attention yesterday. Transmissions was 3 quarts over full, which didn't help the shifting. Also because it was over filled it was pushing excess fluid out anywhere it could find, including the speedo cable and tail shaft seal. Next up was the frame rail repair. The passenger side, well, was a rusted shadow of its former self. Moved the exhaust around, and added hanger or two. Cleaned up the O2 sensor, and painted the hard pipes. Finally changed the oil. Car is 100% better, but still need the flex host from the fuel filler to tank replaced. '
  8. I'd do $200 shipped to 35805.
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