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  1. 302 is for factory rims, 330mm is for larger rims. you gotta call revolution for the rear kit. I haven't seen any full write-up for the 300zx brakes.
  2. Make sure the master cyl cap is off and parking brake disengaged. Then you can wind them back.
  3. If you want a plate from Mookeeh, he will sell one off ebay. Msg'ed him.
  4. oh right, I forgot the EPA got mad at all the rolling coal guys and went after everything emissions related.
  5. Nice job Kev. I've got a mid rpm stumble on one of mine recently found to be EGR as well. Oddly, it seems Mookeeh isn't selling EGR block off plates anymore
  6. yea i agree, drivers side is better
  7. Visible no spark? Did you try hold plug wire near bear metal while someone else cranks? If no spark, make sure you have wires on the correct terminals of the coil and all the wires are there
  8. same and with how rare the lights are in good shape, i fear trying again
  9. I've had mixed results w/ Nengun Like charging shipping for an entire order when only 1/9 items were available.
  10. Thanks! i ended up cutting the wires to my lights (i put two led strips on both sides. I'll try to reconnect and push that down and see if it does anything when I get my car back from the paint shop
  11. Ah, the problem is i don't have the equipment, time, or skillset to manufacture brackets
  12. The revolution kit should be the same as Oscars, from what I've heard. Wilwood apparently is having issues getting calipers out. I'm on month 2 of waiting for the kit after purchase.
  13. Ya it's pretty reasonable. I've already ordered a BBK from Revolution for the front and am considering the rears, but prior to that I bought the what I found out to be Skyline adapter and 3kgt VR-4 calipers.. So maybe someone else can use this ;D
  14. Ya, it wasn't clearly defined, I didn't push for more information as I want to enjoy the car a bit before I go pulling anything else apart.
  15. Just dropping this here : https://www.eci-turbo.com/parts.html "FC3S / FD3S early caliper diversion Stallion 5 hole car only For A183A (GSR-V only), A184A/A187A Stallion 5-hole hub and disc are required when installing to A183A (4-hole wheel) and A175A (with I/C)." In the past I came across an adapter bracket for what I thought was a bracket for a Nissan 300zx caliper, but after ordered I found it to be for a Skyline caliper (which are too expensive to bother using in the US). RX7 calipers may be easier to come by.
  16. I emailed them and asked the other day. Their rack comes with all parts needed for conversion. But that's about all they would tell me
  17. mksmotorsport.com appears to sell both the ksport and d2. both on sale and the same price.
  18. solid 8.8 or irs 8.8? NVM. Has to be irs
  19. oh man, I wish I saw this sooner before I refreshed all my bushings and cleaned/painted all the subframes and control arms. Though I noticed there is an option for steering rack mounts. I may have to get the front subframe!
  20. Will do. Currently she's getting some paint.
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