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  1. Have you looked in your profile? There are currently two other options you can choose...
  2. Extemely long links won't linewrap, so they'll cause the site to be wider as well. If you look back at 90% of the wide posts, it'll be because of a wide link or some other form of nonbroken text.
  3. After a long timeout period, Dave has asked forgiveness from the people, and would like to rejoin the community. Its not entirely up to the moderator staff to make the decision since some of you felt you were cheated, we need to know if things got resolved or not. Let us know here!
  4. This contest is over, winner below. http://www.starquestclub.com/ryddler/camgears_012_small1.jpg Shawn from StarConquer Industries decided that some lucky individual should be given the chance to win one of these adjustable cam gears, and has donated one to be raffled away. These adjustable camshaft gears are Japanese oem manufacture gears that are professionally modified in order to be adjustable +/- 10° (advance/retard). They are a must for all performance engines. A milled cylinder head or block can throw your cam timing off. Using an adjustable cam gear you can index your cam to the proper setting for the most performance from your engine. This will assure maximum performance from your engine. They normally retail for $205.00 US Dollars + Shipping, but StarConquer Industries will pick up the shipping on this raffle! http://www.starquestclub.com/ryddler/camgears_024_small.jpg One entry per person. All members who have purchased a Boost level from the StarQuestClub Store will automatically be entered into the drawing. All others may enter by sending their name, address, and StarQuestClub.com username on a 3x5 card (or slip of paper) to: ~address removed due to contest being over~
  5. Yes, there are plans for that, but they have to be done a bit differently nowadays, and I'm try to work out the kinks
  6. Has anybody compiled a complete list of all factory colors for both Starions and Conquests for all model years?
  7. default is 1 meg, and yes, unless bandwidth gets out of control they can be viewed from anywhere. To help support the site I've set up larger galleries for a small annual fee that includes an email address as well. Check my sig or the home page for more info.
  8. Some people have been having difficulty uploading pictures to gallery into their personal gallery space, and they've been ending up in the "waiting for approval" section of the front page gallery. If you've uploaded a picture and are wondering where it is, then this is for you! Hope this helps! Steps to gallery success (pay particular attention to the section highlighted in red) click on "create / order my albums" Below the box that has the up and down arrows there is a smaller box. Click on that and enter the album name. Click on Apply Modifications Continue Click on my gallery Upload File Enter the file you want to upload Continue You'll get a message "File successfully uploaded" Continue Now you should see a drop down box with the option of putting it in your gallery or the members rides. Choose your gallery Click on continue
  9. It would be great if they did the change, but I can take a look at the code to see if there's a change I can make.
  10. yes, you will need to resubscribe to any that were mailing you from the old site. In your profile, you can put a check the "yes" radio button for "Always notify me of replies" in order to make that your default selection for all your posts. If won't retrofit itself, but going forward you'll always be notified.
  11. apparently not, I couldn't find them anywhere... Bummer since they're so useful. I'll check to see if there any hacks to add them, but no promises.
  12. yep, fixin 'em as I see 'em
  13. He didn't. That's his original sign-up name from the old site. The old site had a login name and a display name. This site combines them into one name, so you log in with the same name that's displayed.
  14. no, it's all of us. It'll get fixed, but it was low priority
  15. we have to do those on a case by case basis as we find them. Post the username here so one of the mods can fix it!
  16. If you run across an issue with the new site, put it in this thread please. we'll fix 'em as we can!
  17. I didn't have the answer a year ago
  18. not possible with the current site software, but that's the way it works with the new site
  19. Its not actually a bandwidth problem, the server needs more horsepower, and the software that runs the site is not meant to handle the load we've placed on it. I know I'll catch flak for this statement, but the new site is on the way!
  20. Start the lynching with the people of Indiana?
  21. There's a checkbox on your profile to hide your email from the public
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