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    I have a permit to drive to work now, but not my full license. Pay strict attention to the warning beneath my avatar, and you won't lose your license! In all honesty, I'm damn lucky to be alive to even hope to drive my Conquest again!
  2. ryddler


    It's actually been 5-1/2 years. It was August of 1996 that I lost my license.
  3. One thing I'm currently looking into is the ability to pick a style from your user profile. We went through many different color schemes in development, but settled on this one because it was easy to read. I had a red title bar in place instead of the blue menu bar, but Gabe didn't like it so we went blue. If you have ideas on a color scheme you'd like to see, I'll make a template page available for people to play with colors (using style sheets only). If anyone aspires to be an artist, message me...
  4. Are they parts that are available in the parts database? If so, I'm working on a way to have users input links to part venders as they find them online.
  5. I have some of things Terry mentioned planned for the site. Like, for instance, I have some code that will plot a dot on a map based on the latitude and longitude for the zip code. I'm thinking of adding a section where people could find a club or other starquesters based on distance from their zip code. Along the same lines it may also become possible to put a zipcode locator for meets to see where they fall on the map, too. Given time, and user input, I think we'll get things set up here that will really help us pull together.
  6. I think this would be best implemented in the fashion we've been thinking of doing the tech documents. The reviewer fills out a form and submits it for moderator approval into the system. Thoughts?
  7. Actually my first StarQuest was an '86 Starion LE (flatside) so I actually did know about the intercooler issue, but since I haven't owned it for over 9 years now I kinda forgot
  8. We're just "Flat outta space" for another forum Seriously, are there that many issues that would be different between the flatsiders and the widebodies? (showing my lack of time to read the troubleshooting boards very often) I'll do a poll to see if there's interest ;D
  9. Does your modem have a turbo on it?
  10. ryddler


    Hint: the url should go between the img tags like so: [img=your link here]
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    Did you notice all those fancy gadget buttons above the smilies? there's one that says "insert image" and one that says "insert hyperlink" Â :
  12. Not sure yet. I want the new site to be known by all visitors at the old site first, but I'll probably pay for at least a few more months of service there because I've been known by that email addy for so many years, It'll take a while to migrate...
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