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Golden Dreams


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Well I figure it's about time that I started a resto thread for this neglected wonder. '87 K78 with 194k on the clock. I bought this off Dale (DMyers151) last november. As far as I can tell the body is straight and has never been pulled apart. Very minimal rust, especially for a northeast car.

The engine was out of the car when I picked it up but I don't think anything is terribly wrong with it aside from piss poor assembly. It apparently blew a head gasket almost immediately after rebuild. Torque specs anyone?? I have the engine tore down to a bare block and all spec'd out. Crank was turned is the only thing I don't really like. That and piston to wall clearance was a little on the high side. Hard for me to measure exactly but it's somewhere around 15 thou. So that will have to be addressed. Paint is peeling and faded in a bad way all over the car. I plan to strip it down and give it a new golden glow.




The interior is in pieces but I think I have all of it. The seats were in need of some love so they got it. Leather cleaner and conditioner to the rescue!





I could see a bunch of funk in the wiper cowl so that had to come off. It was pretty cracked and beat up. All kinds of rodent leftovers in there.





But I didn't break the clips! :)



Started stripping the engine bay and gave it a once over with the pressure washer, not bad. All the brake lines and wiper motor/linkage are now out.





Last but not least, proof that Dale was here ;)




This is going to be a long term project but I'll be sure to update as I make progress

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None really. I've been too busy (and broke) with taking some online classes and just life in general lately. It's resting in a safe warm and dry place though so don't worry, she will live and be beautiful one day. I'm just afraid it's going to take a while.

Any free time I've had lately has been put into the snowmobiles :)

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