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So I bought this Conquest

07 August 2019 - 05:13 PM

I really didnít need this car, but I just had to buy it.  My neighbor bought it new in 84 and has taken good care of it over the years.  The car sat for at least 3 years, but hasnít seen much road at all in its life so far.  Always been garaged and never seen winter.  I have been focused on the fuel system, since it looks like the fuel in the tank degraded over the years and left some serious varnish deposits.  It has been acting like many others have described. Looses power and bucks over 2K RPMs.  I cleaned out the gas tank the best I could without removing the it from the car. The front filter has been replaced and I temporarily added a clear filter between the tank and pump.  Seems to run great for about 20 miles, then acts up.  When it sits for awhile it runs great again, then the cycle repeats.  I noticed that when the power loss starts that the clear filter doesnít show much gas.  I also noticed that the pump doesnít hold pressure very long after it is shutdown.  I thought maybe the clear filter was too large a volume for the fuel pump to respond, so I removed it since it didnít seem like it was getting dirty from any residue left in the tank. I havenít pulled the throttle body yet.  And I havenít checked the fuel pressure at the rail.  No sure how to do that without modifying the car.  I didnít want to do that yet, unless you guys know of a easy way to go.  I was thinking of pulling the tank and replacing the fuel pump and in tank filter.  Do you know if it is necessary to replace the sending unit seal that is sandwiched between the tank and the unit?  Just wondering if they are still available or would I have to make one or get out the RTV.