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Jake's '87 Conquest Build Thread

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Posted 03 May 2018 - 08:42 PM

Bit of an update. Not that much going on.

Since I've determined spark is a non-issue, I'm chasing fueling issues. It's likely everything is crudded up due to how nasty the tank was when I refurbed it, and there never being an in-tank filter.

First I decided to replace the injector clips, mainly because they were cheap, and likely needed to be replaced anyway. Wasn't expecting a real fix and never got one. Pics anyway -

Definitely need to be soldered instead, but this'll do for the time being.
Posted Image

These were the old ones. Not factory but not new by any means either. They were wired in beautifully as with everything else on this car.
Posted Image

Next I ran and picked up a generic Wix fuel filter. Was able to get it locally, otherwise I would have ordered an OEM one. It's the same kind that was on the car already so I doubt it'll be a problem.

Needless to say it needed a change.

This was only tapping it a couple times on the concrete. Didn't keep trying to clean it out for fear of staining the driveway lol.
Posted Image

New filter in
Posted Image

As necessary as that was, it didn't really help with the issue at hand. The FPR was still showing extremely low pressure, and almost zero when the car warmed up. It was still running with the gauge resting at 0 so I'm not sure if the pump or the FPR is bad.
I'm leaning towards the pump, at least at first, since it's probably terribly gunked up just like the filter was, and it'll be cheaper to replace than getting a new rising rate FPR. That'll likely happen in the near future, but I gotta take this one step at a time.

Well, at least the car is running. Not happily, but running. So I didn't totally screw it up yet.

Side note - I may or may not be having to trade in the daily (Golf R) due to financial reasons, but if I do hopefully it would finally allow a little bit more money to flow into this project. That's been the main thing slowing progress as of late. I won't bother trying to sell the Conquest, I WAY overpaid for it when I got it, and in the condition it's in, I won't be able to make most of that money back. As they say, hindsight is 20/20, but I still love this thing.

'17 Golf R Daily :: '87 Conquest Racekar

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