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Foot Well -Door Puddle, Courtesy lighting How To Do it

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Posted 23 June 2017 - 04:46 AM

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Link to thread.

The following pictures show the steps taken to connect 2 different LED strips. One for footwell lighting the other for under door lighting. Both are keyed to the door light circuit.

Route wires
route your wires as you need for your application this is what I did to accomplish my project

Cut off door light connector
I started by cutting off the door light circuit connector keeping enough wire to reconnect the connector when all is said and done.

solder all Positives together
All the positve wires are soldered together. LED strips are polarity sensitive, they won't light up unless + voltage is connected to the + side of the LED and ground to the - side.

reconnect positive side of door light connector
The positive wires are crimped to the positive (red wire) of the door light connector

Do the same with the negative (ground) side
The negative wires are soldered together and crimped onto the ground side of the door light connector

Footwell lights work
The footwell light works

Door edge lights work
The under door light works. soldered connections need to be insulated (duh)

Diver side lights
Driver's side at night

Passenger side lights
Passenger's side at night

Nice glow in the foot wells. Nice bright light shining on the ground from under the door. Plus the door lights are still lit.

Hope this helps anyone thinking of or planing to do something similar

Please Note: These steps are were preformed on both sides of the car (driver/passenger) This limits the amount of wire running from one side to the other and making them operate only on the open door.

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