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#1543528 1 of 2 of my 3000GT's, The "Race Car"

Posted by Blackmount on 10 March 2017 - 12:56 AM in The Other Addiction

I see I am short on a update. Car has been running great, I love driving it, more then my Twin turbo...It's noticeably faster now.

Still getting the tuned dialed in.... I am now running 13.1 AFRs at WOT in the power band, and peaking at 32* of timing just shy of rev limiter at 8,000. Still on pump 93 octane containing 15% ethanol.

Logging power estimates are consistently coming back between 275-280WHP/235-245TQ between Evo scan, and Virtual Dyno. If the car made 270whp on a real dyno, that right there would be a record breaker, as the only car currently to make that power on pump gas is 3.5L Stroker on 13:1 compression, but his engine is strongly choked up top due to still running the stock intake manifold, and they also only rev the car to 7,000 rpms (partially because it is choking so bad up high from the stock manifold... I am well acquainted with the owner of that car. His name is Eric, He use to be the owner of the company in which I buy most of my parts from for this car, and my VR4.

His car can be seen here http://www.3sx.com/s...x/cars-eric.asp

The fact that he made the numbers he did on the stock intake manifold, and with the stock 18" VR4 chrome wheels is crazy.

He could bolt on a Twin Turbo Upper Plenum on the car, and pick up about another 20whp with a tune (I proved this on a dyno several years ago).... Not to mention if he threw my intake on there with its massive 4" Throttle Body....

Light weight wheels would reduce drivetrain loss, and help inflate the numbers a little bit as well...Those factory 18s are HEAVY

(My car still holds record as a 3.0 and or stock compression)

Anyways, Car is running fantastic, but I was getting some pretty mild blowby. I revised the existing catch can setup because it wasn't working at all...

The new setup works wonderful, and I no longer have any blow by symptoms... I plan to have a custom catch can built later on that will look and fit better.

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

I also got new wheels and tires for the car. I think they look pretty f-ing fantastic as well.

18x9.5 +30 275/40-18

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

#1543503 Selling out my 35 year collection of parts.

Posted by Blackmount on 09 March 2017 - 05:52 PM in Parts for sale

I need a good long block, or at least a good short block...shipped to 53566 if possible.

#1543501 New Turbo Manifolds, headers, multiple options available

Posted by Blackmount on 09 March 2017 - 05:46 PM in Parts for sale

I'm in for a stocker in the near future... I'll be ready to send over a payment in mid april...So don't go anywhere!

#1543500 1 of 2 of my 3000GT's, The "Race Car"

Posted by Blackmount on 09 March 2017 - 05:41 PM in The Other Addiction

It's called PET I think. I found it on Ebay.

#1543499 My 87 Conquest TSI Pro-Resto Mod.

Posted by Blackmount on 09 March 2017 - 05:39 PM in Restoration Center

I still want to complete this, but I am on the edge of just selling it for cheap to stop worrying about it...Not because I don't want it... I am just unmotivated to finish it, and I always see this nice clean running cars for sooooo cheap.

The engine i bought was too trashed to do just a light rebuild on.... So I have been heavily unmotivated to do anything with it lately...

I contacted my machine shop about what he wanted to do with it...So I will see his response... The crank will need to be ground, or at least polished.... I need to replace the pistons, and find a new core head still.

#1539247 1 of 2 of my 3000GT's, The "Race Car"

Posted by Blackmount on 16 January 2017 - 01:21 PM in The Other Addiction

Thanks, a few things left to finish up on the car, and hopefully can start re-tuning it.

I am going to scrap the tune and start from scratch, I remember it was pretty lean at WOT between 6500-8200 like 12:1ish, which is pretty bad for Pump gas.

It had the CEL Setup so it would illuminate at a knucksum of 5 or greater, and there was only 1 or two times it lit up, but I think the damage was done long before then, and the squishy head gaskets weren't helping... As much as I want maximum power, I need this car to last as well.

#1539229 1 of 2 of my 3000GT's, The "Race Car"

Posted by Blackmount on 16 January 2017 - 10:33 AM in The Other Addiction

I assembled and installed the heads.

Posted Image

New 3rd Gen Lifters
New BC Cam Gears
Cleaned rockers
New Supertech 1mm Oversized Iconel Exhaust Valves
New Supertech 1mm Oversized Nitrate coated Intake
New Valve Stem Seals
New Cam Seals and Caps
Mitsubishi MLS
Mitsubishi Stock Head Bolts

Still same Dual "Beehive" Valve springs and Titanium Retainers
Still 272 Cams.

Posted Image

Several things that were contributing to multiple issues I was having

*6 Collapsed lifters
*All Valve seats were poor and Valves were leaking compression
*All 4 Cam gears slipped, which I did not realize until today when I went to reference them. This probably was a huge part my problems especially idle
*The Transmission side head bolts seemed under-torqued

Got rid of the braided fuel loop that was always dangerously close timing belt

Posted Image

Luckily the 3SX Fuel Loop fit the IPS Rails

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

I've had this 3SX Intake Bracket for years, I bought it a long time ago and it didn't work on my Intake I had at the time on one of my old cars, so it just collected dust.

Well making the intake today, it worked PERFECTLY!

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image


#1539228 1 of 2 of my 3000GT's, The "Race Car"

Posted by Blackmount on 16 January 2017 - 10:28 AM in The Other Addiction

So the car was having various issues, struggled to idle, struggled to idle consistently, low load throttle was very hesitant, it also was pushing coolant under WOT... I performed a Compression test and averaged 155 across the board...which is fair, but on the low side, no indication of a fully blown head gasket - pulled the heads anyways.

Found the culprit.

I noticed this corner of the head felt very undertorqued when i broke the head bolts loose, but it may have been a result of head-bolt stretch. I forgot to check the head bolts for stretch.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Closer examination of the heads I also noticed the Cam Gears slipped BIG TIME, which is a common problem with that brand of Cam Gears, Good thing I have some brand new BC Cam Gears to replace them.

So I dropped the heads off at the machine shop last week. Good news and bad news.

Bad news, the machinist that did the heads did a very sloppy job, The valve seats were done poorly and the valves were not sealing so my machinist pointed out to me where they were leaking at on each valve and each seat.

The aftermarket valves in these heads also have no branding, and appear to be very soft, I have heavy wear on every valve stem from the rockers. Per his recommendation we are throwing them away.

He recommended me going with Supertech 2mm Oversized Iconel Exhaust Valves and 1mm Nitrated Intake Valves, since he would re-cut the seats anyways, and wouldn't charge me extra for the labor.

Unfortunately, the 2mm oversized Iconel valves are discontinued, Chris hill has them on his site but does not have them either.

So we went with just +1mm Iconel and +1mm Nitrate.

Who ever decked the heads also did a poor job, and was not helping my situation. He looked a little shocked when i told him the car wasn't running MLS gaskets.

SO Good news is, I'll have some much more suitable heads for the abuse, and the car should recover some lost power, and compression between every valve leaking, and the heads being decked again which will bring up compression. I also had him pressure test the heads, and they came back fine.

ALSO, he was very intrigued about our ARP Head Stud VS Mitsubishi Head Bolts ordeal.

Got the heads back today, They look fantastic! I like that the valves actually sit inside the head now instead of slightly protruding like they did before due to the crap valve job.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Old valves are forsale, 1mm Oversize, I believe they are 3SX.

Posted Image

picture of wear

Posted Image

#1535262 My 87 Conquest TSI Pro-Resto Mod.

Posted by Blackmount on 12 November 2016 - 07:18 PM in Restoration Center

Thank you kind sir! That will work very well as long as it fits my few small requirements, I sent him a PM asking for details Latest, Greatest and Easiest to use he offers. I haven't inquired about Mega-squirt in close to 10 years, and I remember it was kinda a pain. I'm sure the technology is way better now, and having someone else build it for you takes away 75% of the work!

I'm going to start looking into MPI setups, Anyone make good aftermarket intakes for these STILL or should I just use a Magna Intake like most people?

My Goal is Efficiency, Reliability, and Easy to Service.

#1535245 My 87 Conquest TSI Pro-Resto Mod.

Posted by Blackmount on 12 November 2016 - 09:34 AM in Restoration Center

So here is just Edited, quick updated list of what I am doing with the car right off the bat, it changed alot due to the amount of work the Engine needs..

- Reconditioned Stock Brakes
- New Fuel System
- Freshly Cleaned interior
- Stock Wheels with sticky tires
- Custom built 2.5" Exhaust by me
- Aftermarket Clutch, and lightweight flywheel.
- Custom built Intercooler
- Basic Manual Boost Controller
- Aftermarket All Aluminum Radiator
- Setrab Oil Cooler, With custom lines built by me
- Stock Rebuild with Clevite Race Bearings, and new rings.
- ARP Rod Bolts
- ARP Head Studs
- Schneider 6610 Heavy Duty valve spring kit
- AJUSA MLS Head Gasket
- New Stock Valves
- New Stock Cylinder, Head Ported
- Mild Cam *Need to research that more*
- Porting to the Throttle Body and Manifold where I can
- New, Stainless Steel Manifold
- Larger Injectors (Recommend me sizes?)
- Unsure what I will use for tuning right now *HALPPP MEEE*

#1535231 2 of 2. My Pride and Joy, My 3000GT-VR4.

Posted by Blackmount on 11 November 2016 - 11:35 PM in The Other Addiction

That was the original plan. Put the manifolds on and go right back to the dyno, but it never happened, and now the results would not be credible since I've messed with so much other stuff.

#1535114 Magna inlet and distributor for sale

Posted by Blackmount on 10 November 2016 - 04:48 PM in Parts for sale

Will you ship to the US?

#1535083 My 87 Conquest TSI Pro-Resto Mod.

Posted by Blackmount on 10 November 2016 - 10:42 AM in Restoration Center


Ordered another round of parts today - Going to start on cleaning up the block, get it honed out, etc and ready to go when parts arrive so I can put it together. Hopefully no more surprises.

Once the engine is finished I will move back to the car and get it ready to put the motor in... I'd like to drive it at least once before Christmas, but it kinda depends on how busy work is. When it gets really cold we get pretty slammed, and suddenly 50 hour weeks turn into 70-90 hour weeks.

Car needs.

Make the Fuel System, and Have Tank Refurbished (maybe)
Finish Brakes, and Bleed System
Clean up wheels and install New Tires
New Clutch, and Lightweight Flywheel
New Steering Box
Trans and Diff Fluids
Make Intercooler and Piping
Build Oil Cooler lines, and buy Oil Cooler.
Rebuild Turbo OR Replace/Upgrade

#1534983 My 87 Conquest TSI Pro-Resto Mod.

Posted by Blackmount on 09 November 2016 - 11:14 AM in Restoration Center

No idea, I believe my friend sold it after I gave it back to him.

#1534956 My 87 Conquest TSI Pro-Resto Mod.

Posted by Blackmount on 08 November 2016 - 09:57 PM in Restoration Center

View PostBradrock, on 08 November 2016 - 09:10 PM, said:

I would think a good engine machine shop could repair the head. But I guess new castings are not terribly expensive.

Thanks for sharing the work in this thread. I enjoy these & always learn something.

Where is the drag car now? Think I could buy it for a hundred bucks? :D :D

Unfortunately, the problem is not the valve guide itself, but the hole for the valve guide - earlier i posted picture with Valve to Piston impact on Cylinder 2. The valve was impacting the piston and instead of the valve bending, the valve guide hole was taking the blow causing the bore of the hole to become larger in larger. In the picture you can see the metal is pushed up around the edge..

The only way to fix it would be to weld the hole shut and drill it out again then press in a new guide. The labor cost for doing so would greatly surpass the cost of a replacement head since you can find freshly milled bare heads with new guides and sometimes even valves reasonably priced.

#1534942 My 87 Conquest TSI Pro-Resto Mod.

Posted by Blackmount on 08 November 2016 - 08:56 PM in Restoration Center

Bad news. Pulling the head apart, and was struggling with the exhaust valve on cylinder 2. Once I finally got the valve out I found out why. The guide came with it, and the stem seal was gone...

For whatever reason Cylinder 2 was hitting the valve, and instead of bending the valve, the valve guide hole was taking the blow, enlarging the hole.

The valve guide drops freely through the head. There is a few millimeters worth of play, so head is trashed.

Posted Image

#1534819 1 of 2 of my 3000GT's, The "Race Car"

Posted by Blackmount on 07 November 2016 - 10:27 AM in The Other Addiction

This particular car will stay NA forever, and it will rarely see rain... It's mostly reserved for track use, and sunny warm days..

it is something I considered though, so I will have a spot where I can divide the intake for working on the car, and if i happen to get stuck at a wet track day.

#1534793 My 87 Conquest TSI Pro-Resto Mod.

Posted by Blackmount on 06 November 2016 - 11:24 PM in Restoration Center

That's probably what happened with this one, I couldn't find any real damage anywhere other then bearing ware from contaminated oil.

I have a rule that whenever there is any metal shavings in the oil, the entire oiling system goes in the trash and gets replaced with new parts...

I already mentioned I was planning on a setrab oil cooler, and will be making new lines.

#1534742 My 87 Conquest TSI Pro-Resto Mod.

Posted by Blackmount on 06 November 2016 - 03:00 PM in Restoration Center

Got the motor stripped down, bad news - but it was half expected.

Originally I just wanted to freshen it up, seals, and clean it, etc.. but as i was taring into it and removed the oil filter, out came metal shavings.

Posted Image

Can see a little bit of it here, not bad, but still not good enough for me.

Posted Image

Was pleasantly surprised how clean the cylinder head was though, and the valve cover

Posted Image

I figured it was going to at least need head work, what I thought was originally a blown turbo from excessive oil in the out let of the turbine side of the turbo, but as i removed the turbo, manifold, etc all the ports were extremely oily, removed spark plugs and they were covered as well. The intake side was very clean so it definitely wasn't just feeding through the engine, so sounds like the Valve stems or something are completely shot.

dropped oil pan,see debris on oil pick up

Posted Image

a crap load of whatever this is in the oil pan, large metallic debris that got picked up on my magnet when i ran it through, and dirt/sludge that was not magnetic.

Posted Image

pulled rod bearings, this is about how they all looked, bad pitting on the bearing, wear wasn't terrible, worse on others

Posted Image

main bearing Posted Image

The Crank Journals were 7/10. Little polishing and we should be ok...

Soooo Dirty.....

Posted Image

Posted Image

All pistons and rods looked perfect, except this guy - looks like a little valve action at some point...guessing that's why this motor was rebuilt - I couldn't find any evidence of it happening anywhere else on the head or in the engine.

Posted Image

Stripped Block, and now messy Garage.

Was admiring the differences between the G54B Crank (left) and 3000GT 6g72 DOHC Crank (Right) The G54B feels like a monster, and its rod journals are huge, I feel like it should be able to take some mild power...at least more then I am wanting.

Posted Image

Pistons and Rods pushed to the side..

Posted Image

Soooo now its time to go shopping and try to decide what I want to do with the engine...Since I am going to rebuild it, I think we are going to go a little further then I originally planned..

Posted Image

#1534715 My 87 Conquest TSI Pro-Resto Mod.

Posted by Blackmount on 06 November 2016 - 08:04 AM in Restoration Center

I've had that, and this site bookmarked for some time now.


I didn't see anything when I was looking through the newbie section and FAQ last night, Do these cars require regular Oil Pump replacement? Or if they are good they are good?

I'm use to the 3000GT Where the Oil Pump requires replacement every 120,000 miles.

#1534709 My 87 Conquest TSI Pro-Resto Mod.

Posted by Blackmount on 05 November 2016 - 11:38 PM in Restoration Center

I got the engine today, brought it home and threw it on the stand..I already started pulling it apart and forgot to take a picture. It came with stock flywheel and a good looking clutch, but I think I am going to end up tossing those...probably keep the flywheel on the side just in case... You can see in the picture I already removed the A/C compressor.

Posted Image

I ran out of time to night to REALLY tare into, So I plan to strip it down to at least bare long block tomorrow morning, then evaluate the engine, and go from there. I am going to pull the pan and see what the bottom end looks like. Hopefully everything is in great shape and I can get away with just basic maintenance and a few seals...

It already looks like the Rear Main Seal was leaking so that will be a must on my list.

I'm going to do some research tonight and see if I can't dig up anything I should absolutely do now besides obvious... Open for tips, suggestions, links, etc.

#1534633 2 of 2. My Pride and Joy, My 3000GT-VR4.

Posted by Blackmount on 04 November 2016 - 10:19 PM in The Other Addiction

It is a 92. :)

#1534620 Need 87 TSI Engine + Intercooler

Posted by Blackmount on 04 November 2016 - 07:21 PM in Items Wanted

I'll let you know after this weekend, I'm all for hoarding parts sooooo, haha.

#1534603 My 87 Conquest TSI Pro-Resto Mod.

Posted by Blackmount on 04 November 2016 - 03:01 PM in Restoration Center

Hey guys, I thought I'd introduce my build thread for my conquest.

Back Story: I bought the car back in summer of 2014 from a buddy in Tennessee...I actually bought two cars from him, one was the conquest I have now, and one was a old Buschar Racing Starion..

PowerGlide Auto trans, 4G63, Drag Radials, Weld Wheels, Parachute, Caged, Fuel Cell, etc etc etc... Didn't run, unfinished car, Engine in it was just mock up... It use to have a Stock 4G63 with a 20G and nitrous in it back in the day I believe....I originally didn't wantthis car believe it or not because it didn't have a title, but he told me he would give me the Conquest for $900, and the Drag car for $100. So I paid him $1000, and put the Conquest on a trailer and hauled it back home to Wisconsin... I ended verbally giving the Starion back to him a few months later - I really just had no interest in a title less car, I attempted to track down the title to the car, even got ahold of the owner who built the car originally.

But here's some shots of it...

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

The car was originally owned and built by "Turbo Tom" and can be seen here: http://starion.turbomirage.com/

Anyways, the Conquest, it had been sitting in his yard for quite sometime. He had a mostly completed LS Swap in the car with a T56 Trans...It really was just missing electrical, accessories, radiator, and steering setup.

Posted Image

Posted Image

To save myself money I we agreed to pull the LS stuff out of it and the 83' Hood. I took back the original stock black hood for it.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Rolled the car out into the drive way, where with the help of the weather, gave the car a bath before loading it up on the trailer.

Posted Image

Posted Image

New Home, and told myself I would start working on it once I had more parts for it... It ended up sitting for a full year before I finally touched it :(

Posted Image

The plans were to do this crazy ridiculous completely re-engineer the whole car, type build with a High Compression, 9,000 RPM, Individual Throttly Body Mitsubishi V6...

While some of that is still the course I plan to go with the car, I toned it down a little bit, and decided to put the stock G54B back in the car.. I still someday might do the 6G72 Swap on this car if not another StarQuest...but really I was just tired of seeing the car sit.

Finally got motivation one day and put the car on jackstands and started tearing parts off it. Brake lines, Fuel Lines. Looking over what the car needed cleaning it out, etc.The car is at my storage, and not my garage so this slows progress and makes me have low motivation at times :( I plan to move it before too long.

Posted Image

and ordered a few hundred dollars worth of basic parts to help keep me motivated and working on the car, mainly brakes.... Also found some nice Sway bar endlinks not pictured here.

Posted Image

Cleaned, Rebuilt, and painted the calipers.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Old VS New Rear swaybar endlinks

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Wierdly enough a guy at a Ferrari Service Shop out towards Chicago had a lowish mile Trans laying around, I gladly ran the VR4 out there to pick it up.

Posted Image

I had more pictures, especially of me taring everything off, but they seem to have gone missing :( Oh well, I promise I'll start pushing this car again I am road tripping this weekend to go pick up a full engine for it, and maybe some misc other parts.

Plans for the car.

To start off with, I really just want to get the damn thing running, and driving.

So expect a stock car, cleaned up,

- Reconditioned Stock Brakes
- New Fuel and Brake lines by me
- Freshly Cleaned interior
- Stock Wheels with sticky tires
- Custom built 2.5" Exhaust by me
- Aftermarket Clutch, and lightweight flywheel. Have to see what is out there, but I know I've seen a few options floating around.
- Maybe Custom built Intercooler and piping if I can find a clean enough stock setup.
- Manual Boost Controller
- Aftermarket All Aluminum Radiator
- Setrab Oil Cooler, and custom lines built by me

Drive and enjoy the car for awhile.

Future Mods include
Coilovers, or getting very creative with aftermarket struts being retro fitted into stock housings...
Mild Brake Upgrade, at least a better set of pads more oriented for Track use. Depends what I am limited to by keeping stock wheels, and what options I will gain by having Aftermarket wheels.
SHP Wheels or a very tasteful, fitting set of aftermarket wheels that actually fit the car's personality.
1 Off Carbonfiber Driveshaft
All new Polyurethane bushings
Aftermarket sway bars assuming you can still get the ones I've seen listed across the interwebs.
More Stock replacement parts
Custom Suspension bits most likely
Mild Cam + Light Head work maybe?
Aftermarket or Custom Turbo Manifold
MPI Conversion

I'm not really looking for big power or anything here - I'd like to make the car be reliable, efficient, and fun without any consideration on price. My end Goal would probably be somewhere in the 250-300whp Range...I want Something I can just get in and drive like both my 3000GT's. It's primary use will be occasional long road trips, and canyon style curvy road spirited driving.

I've been in the 4G63 and 3000GT Game for almost a full decade. I've seen everything from stock rebuilds to 1000awhp - but the G54B is a whole new animal to me, if you have any recommendations or things I should know right out the bat - feel free to let me know if you see me blindly walking into a mistake... I would really like to stay away from an Engine swap at all costs.... It would mean alot for me and this build to stick with the factory engine. I am not opposed to building the engine though if its necessary.

#1534601 1 of 2 of my 3000GT's, The "Race Car"

Posted by Blackmount on 04 November 2016 - 02:16 PM in The Other Addiction

They are pretty fun, very rewarding - I love owning them.