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#1291015 1988 Mitsubishi STARION ESi-R PERFORMANCE EDITION

Posted by *Mo's'88Quest* on 09 July 2012 - 02:49 PM in Cars for sale

would you recomend the stage 3 clutch for a daily driver?

#1280214 Cheep Rebuild??

Posted by *Mo's'88Quest* on 31 May 2012 - 12:07 PM in Virtual Mechanic

Hello everybody! I am rebuilding my 88 quest ( rings, bearings, chains, gaskets, and all of the little stuff) and i want some advice on what and where i should buy my parts. if there are any tips or tricks please let me know also. so ill tell you what were working with here...
its an 88 Conquest Tsi 5 speed
i currently have the engine and trany removed. i have taken all of the components under the hood out then cleaned, painted the engine bay, and replaced the parts(with the old ones not new). So its ready for the engine and trany but i havent had the money to purchase the parts to do it (and i want to keep it as cheep as possible)
the block is taken apart (all parts are removed)
the cylinder head has a broken rocker arm... i have no idea what to do with this...???

Parts i believe ill need are:
rings- what size what brand price??
bearings (main and rod) -size brand price??
gaskets from top to bottom- whats the best deal???
injector wire plugs(the part that plugs into the injectors)- is there an alternative??
New cylinder head?? or can i have mine fixed??
chains- i dont know what all i need to do them???
electrical parts i can remove? or what do i need??

Thanks for your time! Please Help!