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Harnesses for 86 Conquest

08 March 2019 - 06:05 PM

Long story short.

About 15 years ago i acquired a 1986 Conquest Tsi, And one day i had an unfortunate incident that cause the harness to catch fire after i was done driving the vehicle, it has been parked ever since and now that i'm older and in a better position, i feel it is time to try to resurrect it.  

the bad thing is i'm not sure at this moment what all harnesses where affected, and i don't have immediate access to the car at this time to check it,

i do know the harness on the firewall that goes to the MAP sensor ( along with any wires ran with it) on the 86 is toast, as well as the engine harness regarding where the injectors are, i also have a damaged wire from the relay/fusible link area   that i think caused the whole mess from being frayed and increasing resistance.

So i'm throwing this out as a feeler to see if anyone may have harnesses available so I can bring this car back from the dead.