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Mobil Power Steering Flush Instructions

27 May 2020 - 07:57 AM

I inadvertently stumbled onto this via google images on a power steering pump search....that engine bay looks familiar.


Windshield Wipers Issue

30 March 2020 - 07:18 AM

I'm having some issues with my wiper system:

When on intermittent, you hear the relay click and the wipers start moving up the window, but they only go about 1/4 of the way and stop.  After a few seconds, the relay clicks again and they move another 1/4 path...and this continues.   By making them go slower and faster through the column switch does work, but the path still is only a 1/4 of a swipe. I can't figure out why it won't follow thru with the full revolution. Also, low speed works fine but high speed is the same speed as low speed!

I've done all of the checks to the wiper motor itself per page 8-214 & 8-215 in the FSM.  Even the 'Automatic Stop Operation Check' works fine.  And high speed is indeed high speed when putting power directly at the motor to the proper terminals.   I also checked the wiper relay per 8-216.  It functions properly and I have the proper conductivity on all terminals with voltage applied and not applied.  

The linkage itself is fine and all joints have been properly cleaned and lubricated.  Even disconnecting the linkage from the motor yields the same result.   It's definitely not a mechanical issue.

It's been like this since the full restoration, so it isn't like it just stopped working...meaning everything in the system could be the culprit.  My next step was to swap out the column switch to see if that has an affect.  

Any ideas?  


Copper head gasket leaking compression

30 September 2019 - 02:51 PM

When I was cruising down the highway at about 70mph for several minutes, I noticed a large puff of smoke out the tailpipe as soon as I let off the gas.   Also, after increasing boost, I started to pop the dipstick and purge oil all over the engine bay.   My initial focus was with my crankcase evaporation system but the problem stayed consistent regardless of what I did on that end.    Obviously, I was seeing an extensive amount of blow-by.

Next performed a compression check; 135psi consistent across all four when warm.   Then went to a leak-down test.   I was seeing 4% leak-down on all four at 90 psi pressure; pretty consistent as well and not bad numbers.  But while on cylinders 3 and 4, I heard a faint gargle in the coolant system.   I popped on the pressure gauge from my radiator pressure tester and saw the pressure rising slowly while the leak-down test was being performed.  

My thoughts went right to the head gasket, which was indeed correct after tear down (see photos below).  As I pulled apart the upper engine, I noticed carbon deposits on items within the same plane as the  HG on the passenger-side, consistent with the marks shown on the HG and block mating surfaces.  Looking close at the HG, you can see where it leaked into the oil passage of which was causing my crankcase over pressurization and blow by issue.   Surprisingly I had no signs of bubbling in the slop tank or overheating.  

Posted Image

Posted Image

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What I’m trying to figure out is why this happened?  I’m running a SCE 91534 copper head gasket, .048” thick.   My block has been machined for o-ring grooves.  Grooves cut .050” from the cylinder edge and are .040” wide.   I do not have receiver grooves cut in the head.   Block was machined flat prior to the cutting the grooves.  Head is a new AMC marnal casting.

I was using SCE 31542 stainless steel o-rings, .041” diameter.    Prior to installation, I scuffed all mating surfaces of the head gasket with red scotch brite and then applied two coats of copper adhesive.   In addition, I added hydromar sealant around all oil and coolant passages.  
Have ARP studs which were lubricated with ARP moly lube.   Torqued to 85 ft-lbs and retorqued after first heat/cool cycle once running.

After tear-down, I checked the o-ring protrusion in greater detail than what I did during engine assembly.   I have some ups and downs but everything is within spec (.007-.010” protrusion, with .008” as the average).

Posted Image

I’m baffled.  I always knew that copper head gaskets were known to leak coolant but not compression!

SQs at Carlisle Chrysler Nationals

15 July 2019 - 08:54 AM

I went to Chrysler Nationals in Carlisle, Pa on Saturday.  I didn't take my car for a multitude of reasons, but I was surprised to see a couple quests there this year.

First was an 85.5 driver condition Starion.  Was way back in the far corner, surprised they let it in being it was a full Mitsubishi.   Had a spray painted fender, missing trim, beat up interior etc. etc. but I loved it!    I could tell that the owner is enjoying it and having fun with it.  And it ended up winning third place in the 'Chrysler Relatives' group.  Owner's name is Brandon per the tag on the car.   Member here?  

Posted Image

Second was a banana 89 conquest SHP 5sp with 66K.  Looked fully original.  Some minor stone chips here and there and a few marks on the back bumper.   Shifter boot was chewed up but the interior looked good.   It was in the car corral, asking $11,995.   I have the phone number, if anyone is interested (I won't post it publicly without the owners consent).  It's a 570 area code so I'm assuming the owner if from the Northeast or Central PA.  Said garage kept, never driven in winter...thus I'm assuming original owner.

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