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3kgt radio (no amp w/ Aux) - Bluetooth :)

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Posted 13 July 2018 - 10:27 AM


Should have taken pictures, but *shrug*

Anyways, it's a simple install and the module fits snuggly right next to the tape deck.

To do this mod is pretty simple.

Dismantle radio to the point that you can get the front section of the radio separated from the rest of the housing.

You'll see a little board for the AUX connector with 4 leads coming off it.

3 leads go to a 4 pin header and the fourth lead is grounded to the chassis.

Peel back the sheeth on the 3 leads going to the header. (i just used solder iron to burn the rubber away in the middle of the leads)

Plug an M/M stereo minijack into the aux connector and use a voltmeter to test continuity for tip rings and sleeve so you can identify which wire is which (there's 2 white and a grey)

Note which wire is for which - recommend using a sharpie to mark one of the white wires

Now, on the bluetooth board desolder and remove both the barrel connector dc connector and the input stereo aux jack, so that the pads are accessible.

Cut some hookup wires for the aux jack long enough to route under the tape deck.  Solder them to the leads from the factory AUX jack to corresponding solder pads on the bluetooth baord.

Solder a power lead to the barrel connector + solder pad and another lead to the - solder pad

The back board where you plug into the car, has a clearly labeled accessory +   Solder your + lead to the pin (back of the board)

Now remember I mentioned there was a ground lead coming from the radio's AUX jack?  This is grounded to the chassis, desolder this and put some tape over it.  This ground has to do with insertion detection into the radio's aux jack, if you don't do this, you'll need to shove something in the AUX port to hear the bluetooth (headphones, a m/m cable, a 3.5mm plastic rod).  So disconnect it.

Solder the bluetooth board's - lead to this point in it's place.

Now you're all good.  Test it, then button it all up.  Now you'll have bluetooth in that radio, and the factory AUX port will still work if you'd like to use it.

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